Antag ban appeal -helplesscrane

Byond Account:helplesscrane
Character Name(s):Lucy Cicero
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):helplesscrane.
Round ID of Ban:19890

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, Blood Brother, Changeling, Cultist, Gangster, Heretic, Hivemind Host, Malf AI, Space Ninja, Operative, Syndicate Mutineer, Revolutionary, Revenant, Head Revolutionary, Sentient Disease, Spider, Syndicate, Traitor, Wizard, Bloodsucker, Monster Hunter for 3 days - Antag 1.1- do not needlessly kill Built a team to wipe out sec as an antag without an objective that allowed this. Killing persuing sec officers is fine- killing the entire sec team for existing is not. Round 19890
State your appeal:I was a traitor, working with another, we had converted two people to raid brig for supplies. While we were doing that, two or three officers started pursuing us, throwing flash bangs and stunning us. At this point, we retaliated by killing them. Then I get an ahelp from Horatio, asking why I did it. I said I was a traitor, and right after I said that, he antag banned me for a week. When I tried to explain what happened he promptly closed the ahelp with no further clarification or justification.

Raid brig for supplies

Unless you had goals inside the brig this is just trying to bait sec to murder them.
The rule is pretty clear, you can kill pursuing officers, if you go raid security you already voided this by being the one to willingly engage officers because you want to kill them.

This ban is 100% correct, denied.