Antag blows up snowman - not objective

Byond Account: fattyboomboom
Character Name(s): Mr Slips
Discord Name: n/a
Round ID: 17467
Date: 2021-11-10
Griefer IC name: Crux CF
Griefer Byond account (if known): noodlecat

What happened:
I was a clown dressed as a snowman. I made the central halls into snow tiles for a gimmick.

I had no previous interaction with Crux CF and they threw boobytrapped snow at me, stripped me naked in the halls after the explosion then dragged me to the furthest point of dorms to hide me in the showers naked. I was not an objective.

Note at this time Koi had already removed a lot of the snow tiles so I was just making snowballs instead.


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Admission in OOC before next round and showing intent of grief.


Please keep grief patrol comments relevant to the round being patrolled.

The patrol has been dealt with, thanks for the report!