Antag: Serial Killer + new syndi item

(I got this idea from my ban appeal, and I think it might be a good addition.)

Role: Serial Killer (Can be a cannibalistic sk)

Goal: Leave the station with (Unknow, you decide) reputation. Or can be, die a glorious death.
(Get reputation every kill the amount you get depend on how important the person is.)

Concept: Basically a traitor but all the tasks are killing, (No rdm allowed, only your targets can be killed and perm killed) Also you have abilities like bloodsucker (explained in a second) To get abilities, you have to (as a normal serial killer) kill your target and cut of their head and dispose of it, or as a (cannibalistic serial killer) gib them using a new weapon in the shop called the Syndi hatchet (explained further in a second aswell) and eat their meat (the abilities are better as a cannibal).
Doing this will allow you to select your abilities. Cannibals eat food by eating their victims meat if they get too low on blood/meat they go into a Frantic rage (explained more in #consquences) and a normal sk eats hunger normally but hunger drops faster the less you kill. Sk hunger max: 100. Cannibal Sk hunger max: 250

NOTE: I don’t have names for most of the abilities so you can name them yourself or change the names of the current ones. (You can add some abilities if you want as well or change/remove/edit the current ones)


Ab1: Stops all current damage for 25 seconds and holds it till after the ability ends inflicting the sk with the damage that they should’ve of have taken if they didn’t use the ability, but the damage is multiplied by 0.5, Useful for die a glorious death goal. cost: 65 hunger

Ab2: Basically the heretic heartbeat ability to find your target. Cost: 10 hunger

Lunge: self explanatory. Can range to 10-25 hunger depending on how low your hunger is

Abilities (as cannibal):

Impersonation: Look like one of your dead targets. If you get close to someone a fowl smell can be seen in chat and in visuals coming from you. After turning off the ability the victim’s skin falls off your body onto the ground with blood splattering on your clothes and on the floor (Transformed you keep your current clothes you are wearing.) Cost 45 blood every min.

Ab2: Stops all current damage for 1 Min and holds it till after the ability ends inflicting the sk with the damage that they should’ve of have taken if they didn’t use the ability, but the damage is multiplied by 2, Extremely useful for die a glorious death goal. cost: 100 hunger

Ab3: Sacrifice: like a beefman you can chop of your own limbs for blood/meat.

Syndi Hatchet: Same damage as a normal hatchet but sometimes damage can be multiplied by 0.3
Instead of the base being green like a normal hatchet (botanist hatchet), it is red and has syndi printed out on it. While using the hatchet on a corpse with combat mode on, you can gib them and you get the normal stuff when gibbing a human. But it is way louder than normal gibbing and people are most likely to hear you. It is classed as a non-stealthy weapon.

How to win die a glorious death: Kill atleast (5 if cannibal, 3 if normal sk) people while using Ab1 and dying from the backlash. Or, you could enter a frantic rage on purpose and kill at least 8 people. Or, Destroy the ship killing yourself with it. (Like a chain reaction of explosions or something (Has to kill atleast 3 people while doing so))

Consequences: If your blood is under 50 as a cannibal sk, you go in a Frantic rage. Your eyes are visibly red to everyone and every you step you leave a train of blood on your shoes. You are immune to all damage for 5 mins and have increased damage and attack speed. However, you die from having no blood (you cannot gain blood while in a frantic rage) as when you’re in your rage you are dying this mean you will die no matter what.

PS: Feel free to change or nerf this in anyway I just think it is a cool idea. YOU CAN CHANGE ANYTHING HERE! Im like a month new to ss13 entirely so alot could not be possible or unrealistic or their might be problems or could be op. If that is the case, you can change anything you want so it’s balanced and the problem is fixed. Thank you for reading this monster of a suggestion, and I hope it gets added.


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murderbone antag that doesn’t end the round :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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In general there are way more ideas for new antags than people to code/maintain them. If you want to become coded or contributor, you may ultimately be able to design an antag, but I don’t think you’re reasonably going to get someone else to do the coding work for your idea.

my gimmick is murder (i rp as a serial killer)


didnt read but cool town of salem reference, accepted

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Lol, no.

Isn’t that what suggestions are about, and I can’t code at all.

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It’s not really for suggesting big sweeping changes, because those not only require a lot of coding and debugging work, but also require constant maintenance. Suggestions is best for minor changes, especially to things that are fulp specific (since fulp is downstream of tg).

Also if you are interested, from what I hear developing for servers is a great environment to learn coding. A lot of people seem willing to teach.


Feature requests is for good suggestions

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Good day, Your ideas HAVE caught MY attention YOU are TRUELY a rare enigma I wish to get in CONTACT with you MAYBE we can make SOME magic happen WITH your VISION and MY work WE can BRING your innovatIVE ideas to fruition . I will BE linking u my 4chan acount SO we can maybe discuss business. IM looking forward to WORKING with you, WE will be trionllionares. ENIGMATIC minds such as ourselves MUST stick together in this toXic Comunity

I SAW CANNIBAL AND THE TITLE THIS SHIT’S too LONG so i aint GONNA READ IT BUT I SAW CANNIBALISM WHICH MEANS IT’S pretty GOOD listen DON’T listen TO THESE chumps clearly YOUR IDEA is one of a kind CLEARLY you’re like a DIAMOND among the QUARTS right YOU need to PURSUE this IDEA of yours IM SURE it will be fruitful NOT only for you BUT for the community


We could have it like blood brothers and abductors where one person kills people and the other eats them ya???

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