Antag Skill Issue I Think

I actually don’t know what to type, because obviously almost every antag (except wizards nuke ops and heretics) are good for beginners, and if I get a certain antag I can just stay AFK and cramp wiki knowledge into me, but uh, I haven’t gotten a single antag before and seeing people play them makes me even more pressured because they’re so robust, so, any advice or tips I guess?

Pick your fights!! If you’re an antag that’s valid to the crew, everyone will be trying to kill you. What’s important is choosing who and when to fight. If you see a swarm of security and you’re a nightmare, it’s best to run away and come back another day. Try to focus on picking off the crew rather than fighting groups of then.

Always try to reset after a fight, resetting is trying to go back to the state you were before the fight. This means heal up, prepare your weapons, and get ready for your next fight.

These are just general tips, as for actually fighting, that’s up to you to get better at. Clicking till horizontal is a skill and not something you can get better at by reading.

Make sure you have antags enabled if you want to play any.


Being a rookie antag, i think the best advice is to pick your fights like Blaberface said. The crew usually does not immediately know you are an enemy, and you can try and choose when and where to fight.

i will say, dont be scared or feel the pressure to be robust, you will fail but thats ok, what is important is you learn your lessons - like dont fight the cook in the kitchen if you dont want to be gibbed. lure him outside instead.

I’m relatively new as well, ive had many failures as antags, and some successes too, the more you play, the more familiar you get with maps, the more your chances of getting green text inceases. I still suck at fighting most of the time, so i try and make sure i have the advantage in the fights whenever i can - be it weapons or stealth or surprise.

How am I supposed to retrieve ammunition and health as antags anyway? Especially health

-Disguise yourself and quickly grab something from medbay
-have meds already prepared
-before you go loud make a secret stash somewhere
-Nukies can buy health kits and the wizard has magical spells
-Never underestimate your epi, it may not heal you up instantly but it means going into crit isnt an instant loss

Always keep in mind that ss13 is sorta like a sandbox with loads of different approaches and tactics to certain things

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Oh speaking of which how do you apply medbay medicine to certain injuries?

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Sutures are for brute damage and meshes are for burn damage. Epis stablize people in crit and is useful if you know your about to go into crit. Patches have quite a variety to them so just look at what its labeled.
Bleeding can be stopped with sutures, bandages or your epi. Multiver heals toxin damage.

If you want advanced stuff go look at the wiki

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Make sure to target the correct limb on the bottom right before applying the medication

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There are also medkits around the station, if you’re a traitor you can also hop onto the arrivals shuttle for some free meds. There’s also usually one medkit in dorms next to the boxing ring

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This is certainly a Skill Issue Moment

You shouldn’t care what some John Greytider or Syndie-Kate does. They don’t actually care if you fuck up your antag round. Nobody does but you. Go hog wild (within the restraint of rules)

Also as I’ve seen nuke ops is actually one of the easiest ones to play because you get a lot of TC, many different approaches and a commander who’s probably way better than all of the operators combined. Lol.

There is no listing with nuke ops, commander can be someone who’s having his first nukie round and be incompetent. Your best bet would be to take authority from them and assert dominance. Come up with your own strategy. If you fail, you fail and use this as a learning opportunity. If you win, you win. Good job? Don’t be afraid of losing. Also knowing the ins and outs of the game helps immensly. Good nuke ops will make their way to key points of the station and blow them up with syndie bombs or use Cayenne with Macro-bomb. Bad ones will prowl around maints and kill random people.

One non-fullproof but kind of hilarious strat is to go to maints, turn into mimes, find the captain, kill him, take the disc, go back and arm the bomb and throw it to the station. I know captains can be competent, but as I’ve known I can be quite lucky enough to find him easily beaten to a bloody pulp.

Antags such as wizard, nukie and heretic are hard but the most OP antags because you can literally control the station with smart choice of combat and the way you use antag specific items.

When you’re comfortable with combat and don’t care about learning anymore pick the stupid items/research from antags to have fun with. They make the game a lot more fun as you never really see people on fulp do stuff out of the ordinary.

being able to talk is an underrated antag skill. You can get away with a lot of insane bullshit if you’re a smooth talker

you can be a smooth talker in one of two different ways: The first is having a reasonable alibi and cooperating with sec (if they present the opportunity, and you made sure to stash any serious contraband stuff), and the second is to give the impression of a total fucking idiot

If you try hard enough you can convince a sec that the emag in your bag was found in maint, near cargo, in a locker, and I haven’t used it at all myself, and maybe you should talk to the QM about it instead cuz I’m innocent and have nothing to hide, btw officer did you hear there might be revs down at cargo?

If sec just thinks you’re retarded they probably won’t assume you’re an antag unless they catch you in the middle of a murder. Lots of antags get greentexts just by virtue of sec assuming they’re a shitter and not actually evil cuz they’re never caught in the act, so they get light sentences for trespassing or some shit without even a bag check.

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Get a 20 TC balloon and somehow disable all of security and hijack the station

A bonus is that most people panic when caught near crime scenes (spotted right after killing someone) but what usually gets you away from these situations is literally be truthful. Don’t admit to the crime but say something outlandish (when caught leaving a body) along the lines of making bodies, or claim to be trafficking drugs.

I remember being able to get away from a scene even with most of security there just by saying I was making dead people and found one (the body I tried hiding)