Antagonist conduct, which of these is breaking the rules

Gunning your way into the brig, killing the security there to free other antagonists, take control of the station, attempt your objectives and calling the escape shuttle because security got killed.

Bombing medical to prevent your target from being revived

Demanding money from the crew as a pirate “GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!” Killing them if they refuse.

Breaking into the armory for weaponry.

Hijacking the escape shuttle because “Im bored”

Helping nuclear operatives destroy the station with a nuclear device

Declaring free cargo with the help of some traitors and hypnotised/brainwashed people.

Brainwashing/hypnotising people into thinking they are revs.

1: seems fine

2: is a little iffy for me, i think its breaking rules depending on the scenario

3: is perfectly fine and is usually expected from space pirates

4: depends on what your objectives are and what scenario you are in

5: is definetly not acceptable

6: if your another traitor it would be fine and acceptable to help out nukies seeing as how your both syndicate

7: if free cargo helps you with your objects like killing the captain or hos then i guess i could kinda see it but i think its not allowed

8: No idea but it sounds funny

these are my opinions dont beat me plz

  1. sounds fine
  2. is a lil iffy same as Mr_carps response however if you are aiming for your target a smaller bomb type would probably be acceptable to gib the target
  3. is literally the point of a pirate to threaten and take money
  4. depending on objective it might be fine
  5. against the rules completely (unless your objective is literally HIJACK)
  6. actually a good point its probably acceptable as long as you ahelp it first just make sure you do your goals. (also depending on your antagonist goals you should probably be well against nukies if your an IAA where if your a gorlox marauder its probably more in line with your affiliation (again this is just rp flavour text) )
  7. if its in line with objectives like to assasinate the command members then probably but you should probably just have them as distractions to lure sec away from your position
  8. sounds funny but again only if both of your antag objectives are to kill a member of command since it would cause confusion

Officially, assuming you don’t have an antag or objective that allows RDM…

  1. No. The taking over the station part goes “above and beyond” for simple objectives
  2. No. Mass destruction/ killing non-targets is against the rules.
  3. No. Pirates shouldn’t be killing crew, generally
  4. That’s fine.
  5. No. Above and beyond what your objectives are without hijack. Killbaiting.
  6. No. Above and beyond what your objectives are if you don’t have a mass destruction objective.
  7. Yes, but the non-antags/non-brainwashed people who participate will eat bans, and you might get bwoinked for banbaiting depending on circumstances. However, you’ll also still be beholden to whatever other restrictions you would normally have as an antag (e.g. killing non-targets)
  8. No, above and beyond what your objectives are.

There’s a whole chart of what is and isn’t allowed as different antags at the bottom of the rules page. Most of this is explicitly covered there: Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki

3 (pirates)
Pirate - /tg/station 13 Wiki (

“killing people and looting the money from their IDs” is listed in the TG wiki

Yes, I know it’s not TG. I’ve both seen pirates doing this and seen pirates being told not to do this by admins. I’m totally on the side of the not doing this but I can see the confusion in some regards if a newer player checks the wiki to see how to complete their goal and immediately gets catches a bwoink and has to spend 5-10 mins during a rare antag round hoping not end up with a 3day. (yeah, I doubt they would be told anything other than to just stop killing people)

Maybe someone bored with free time can add something to the fulp wiki or forum to prevent confusion. If someone does, thanks.

Already there.

Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki

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wow awesome. havent seen the latest updates i guess.