Antagonist shaft miner: Discount bioshock moment

Welcome changeling/traitor/blood brother/ Nuclear operative who go stealth and decided to be a miner?
This is the guide on utilizing the tools in lavaland, as well as certain tips relating to mining related murder.

This guide assumes you know the basics of mining (which you should have known before enabling antagonists, right?)


Proto Kinetic accelerator: Basic mining tool, 3 range, 10 explosive damage in pressurised environments, 40 in low pressure, Pretty weak, it also screws up your aim that takes getting used too because its “Hitscan” But the kinetic foce takes time to travel and damage, can become a decent ranged weapon with pressure modifications, but its takes a lot of getting used to

Crusher: I basically use this, As it has 20 damage with minor armor piercing, basically a better spear, Bulky, but its less suspicious than a spear as you basically need it for your job, you can get neat trophies to cheese certain megafauna.

Resonator: Resonator suck, don’t use

Ok MAYBE it is useful for area denial for pursuing security officers, but otherwise it sucks.


  • Pride mirror
    Pride mirror is useful for race changes, Make yourself an alien alloy golem and be stronger at the cost of not being able to speak! make yourself the race “Nightmare” And cause chaos, just remember Even if you are a nightmare from pride mirror, you do not have the antagonist status of one, Oh, also your name gets changed into one, so expect confusion and possibly death

  • Greed ruin
    This ruin contains a cursed russian revolver, loosing turns you into a soulstone, Great for gimmicks
    It also has a slot machine to gamble for a cursed dice, pulling lever inflicts cellular damage, so bring cyroxdane and hercui and spray yourself for ghetto cyro, or just evolve anatomic purge/Get a minion/fellow teammate to do it
    The dice has various effects, throw it to find out so i can watch you die!

Megafauna and its uses as an antagonist

Hierophant: Club that can blink to escape sec, and a teleport to teleport you and your fellow teammates

Blood drunk miner: Cleaving saw for kiling people, Attack people with it opened, and when they get inflicted with damage slowdown, close the saw and slash them up.

Ash drake: Varying loot and ash drake hide that is resistant to lasers, melee, and medicore bullet resistance

Colossus: Voice of god to stun people

Bubblegum: Robust armor, and soulsutche thats useful for fighting and killing people.

Leigon: A shitty bulky staff that inflicts very mediocre burn damage, and does 20 damage, the lightning strikes are very slow.

Heretic miner tips:
Make your rune in the public mining area so it could be literally anyone

Target miners first to get easy sacrifice points

Encourage security to use gulag, break into gulag and sacrifice the prisoners there.

Traitor/ BB tips:

Dipping crates in lava destroys their contents, but indestructable items like the super matter shard crate can’t, use lava to get a sm silver!

Lava is very good to dispose of targets

You might want to keep some megafauna alive for handy corpse disposal.

Changeling tips:

Fleshmend is a must in lavaland, you get hurt ALOT, saving money on medipens is nice too

Anatomic purge is useful for great for heling cellular damage from greed ruin

You can get free DNA absorptions from leigon corpses

thanks for the helpful guide

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I accidentally uploaded it incomplete, Im going to start editing and finising it off once i finish school in an hour

Resonator suck, don’t use


POV: Taking inspiration from the best at guide tital making (B

How do you make the resonator NOT suck?

Get the Super Resonator and set it to act as mines
Boom, not utter gutter anymore