Anyone got good AI names? (I can yoink)

Hey, So im gonna be playing borg all day today to get AI so, Anyone got good names?

If rules ever change and I can no longer be “Bitch Supermagnet” I would name myself “Broken Concierge Service” where I’d roleplay as an AI that would constantly get peoples names wrong when being asked of something among other small gimmicks.


Use the default silicon names. It helps to remind you, that you’re a servant and not an individual.


Hit 2 - 4 random letters on your keyboard. Then try to spell out how the name is pronounced.


afnl (Ah-Feen-el)


Do all caps or add spaces or something to make it seem robotic




honestly anything that isn’t just your name in all caps with periods between each letter is already better than most players’ AI names.


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ah understandable


God you’re so dumb and cringe to think I’m cringe and dumb to use all caps in my AI name!!

Now on a serious note since I’m here, make an unique word (your IC name is even worse!) as your name and don’t make it like T.H.I.S.
Congratulations, you are better than most Silicons names already.

People will call you by a nickname if you make a hard to write name, so simplicity just make everyone’s life easier.

Heart of Gold is likely my favorite AI name because of how simple and unique it is.

That’s my wife’s AI name :sob:

Wait what?? They’re a cool ai then

omg you dont use the funi caps and dots after every word?!?! SUS!

Any memes related to Adeptus Mechanicus or the “What if Emperor had a text to speech device” references.

There was an AI player that had the name “The Frozen Head of Walt Disney”, perhaps you could do something with that just with a different headname.

Replace an A with like