Aoife Everwood's Mentor Application

Byond Account: Redemptionarc
Character Name(s): Aoife Everwood
Discord Name: tamogatchifriend
Age: 18
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: I usually play for a couple hours between 9 AM - Midnight
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: I think? if this goes well perhaps maybe

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

On and off for a few years.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I mainly play medical and security, I love chemistry and I find it very interesting, so I would be able to help out regarding medical issues overall, and also everything the security job would have to deal with i.e antags, pvp mechanics, etc, I have played this server for a few years now so I believe I have a good grasp on those matters I mentioned above, and also a good grasp on the general mechanics of ss13

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

I think this server has a somewhat steady flow of new players, and its always nice teaching an intern player how to do things, and think I would be able to help with that, I know my history isn’t the … cleanest but I was a dumb teenager back them and I think I have changed very very much, and my recent history has been good

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Incredibly evil griefer +1

Mods don’t handle staff applications but I’ve seen many come and go so I will just be blunt, I really don’t see this getting accepted.

I’ll start with some good stuff. I think in-game you are a very good regular. I haven’t had any recent issues with you, you are very kind and knowledgeable and seem eager to help. Behavior in game is only part of it, and it’s your behavior on discord which gives me the most concern. The earliest age you can apply for staff is 18, and while that is the minimum age required to apply for staff, we are very conscious on allowing people that young on the staff team as maturity is a large factor in being staff. As staff you will have access to staff channels and our ban logs, which often deals with adult topics. While you are very active on the discord, your conduct really comes off immature and I feel as though you also have some difficulty reading the room at times. I’ll bring up your recent shedding as an example of this but I won’t go into too much detail since it was just between us. While it was just a warning as I personally don’t think you were doing anything in bad faith, it was still a major concern for the moderation team and something we take very seriously. I think this was just a result of you just being young and not really reading the room. I wouldn’t say you are a bad player or bad member of our community. We tend to pick people as staff who we see as role models for the community and we expect them to carry themselves with a level of maturity as they are representing the community and given a lot of trust with ingame info and behind the scenes staff policy.

I think this can all be improved on with time, and maybe give it like six months or so before reapplying if this ends up getting denied. -1 from me


Max said all I planned to say basically.

Stealing my job, smdhhead…

This won’t be accepted now because of the things that happened lately, but you are very active in both game and discord, so do try again in a few months if you believe you fixed those issues.

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