Apology to staff

Byond Account: Tetracor
Character Name(s): Diego Thomas
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Tetracor
Round ID of Ban: 
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):![Capture|690x136](upload://4G2FGDZseh0NA9GK0TGdpCnJjK.png) 

first and foremost, i really want to apologize to the staff in a whole and especially to the one that handled my 3day. i know you guys don’t typically appeal bans that short so i thought i would just make a general topic just to say I’m sorry. i know that lying is really messed up and implies the person you are talking to is an idiot (at least that’s how i feel) and that was not my intentions at all. in no way am i trying to excuse what i did and i honestly deserve the 3 day ban just for wasting your time with such a stupid situation if not making a false grief report. idk i just really love animals and i was already frustrated with previous rounds and probably should of just called it a night and went to bed but i kept playing. then i saw that guy attacking animals and i understand that they are just pixels on a screen and i shouldn’t let my real life mix into things i do in the game. i lost sight and had a hard time even remembering exactly what happened. im very new to this whole forum thing and my screenshots are always really shitty (people make fun of my activate windows in my screenshots all the time) and i should of taken to the time to scroll up more and really analyze what happened. things scroll on your screen so fast especially when you are ghost and i just didn’t take the time because i was angry. the point I’m trying to make is that i didn’t intentionally crop things out. I’m using snipping tool that’s built into windows 10 and trying to do little screen grabs as things are rapidly going on (please if there is a better way someone please help me, i’m too boomer). the whole point of all of this is that i honestly feel terrible that i lied intentional or not and i wanted to publicly apologize to the whole staff and Bampot.

this whole situation has inspired me to go full pacifist so i wont be able to harm anyone at all even if i wanted to. i swear to you all that i will take more time to breath and really analyze everything before i hastily make a grief report right after the rounds over. we have all been guilty of loosing sight at things when we are emotional. i just don’t want the staff and especially Bampot to view me as some kind of liar and i absolutely appreciate that you take the time out of your lives to harbor a community for all of us to gather. the last thing i would want to do is insult any of you and i hope that i can regain the trust of staff in time. I’m rambling at this point so ill end this here.

thank you for all you do.


that screenshot didn’t show up at first so i’m posting it here.

Might want to tag this as a ban appeal

im not trying to appeal my ban. i just wanted to write an apology cause i felt like a dick thats all. its only for three days.

you dont actually have to attach screeshots to grief patrols, but don’t worry about it people get pissed and do stupid things all the time, just don’t do it again. You didn’t really waste my time either cause it took 2seconds to check what had happened.

well i just felt bad and im glad you got to read this cause i felt like a huge dick. im glad we can come to an understanding and it wont ever happen again after my ban is over. thank you for your time.

I’m wondering what he was supposed to do. they were killing dogs and even though its not against the rules its still griefing and being a dick especially when someone tells you to stop. He couldn’t ahelp it because killing dogs is allowed and they weren’t listening when he told them to stop. I know in real life if someone attacks you with a saw its very painful, but in ss13 it doesn’t actually do that much damage and you can just walk away. These guys were obviously trying to grief him they didn’t run away and used it as justification to beat him to DEATH. They could have simply critted him or even just walked away. I think its harsh to ban him for trying to keep away griefers. Also the griefers technically didn’t do anything against the rules despite greifing; I think the rules should be changed so that behavior isn’t allowed.

nah man i mean i could of just walked away and thats honestly what i should of done. yeah both those guys killed me and one wasnt even involved with us at all and was just attacking people in the bar randomly but the whole point is i shouldn’t of started something at all or filled a grief after ESPECIALLY that i had been playing all night and it was something around like 8 in the morning at that point, either way you look at it, i fucked up. i mean he wasnt really hurting anyone by killing dogs. yeah its fucked up but its really not my place to play judge, jury, and executioner. really everyone can benefit from taking more time to analyze what really happens in situations. when you are in the moment and tensions are high, you misremember events and are running on emotion.

PLUS: it inspires me to go full pacifist which will keep me out of alot of situations where i could potentially break rules. i dont like to hurt people. i turned off all my antags a long time ago and i play paramed pretty much every round. Really this is the final step to reach true healing.

have a good shift crewmate and i hope you stay safe.