Appeal attempt 2. the good, the bad, the banned

Byond Account: RevanantTheFurry
Character Name(s): Deegeeta-Geem (all others i plan on discarding.)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Pathetacy#2213 (if i remember correctly)
Round ID of Ban: 28901
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): (can't copy and paste, will place vital info) attacked a 
clown with a circ saw, then killed an SSD cargo technician. upon interaction, the message recieved 
was "i'm done with this game"
State your appeal: i would like to apologise for my actions this day. i had completely rage quit, and my 
actions the next day were not helped. the clown had managed to annoy me to such a point that i had 
lost all sense of... civility? if you'll call it? and for whatever went on in my flaming mind, i decided to 
drag the cargo tech into space with me. i have grown older, and better. i will not let this happen again.
Type of ban: permaban (unsure if appealable [i hope it is. i really want to see bombyx again. i miss 

still waiting for an admin / mod to look at this and approve it…

You misspelled your ckey in your appeal, but I was able to find the account. I’m hesitant about accepting this, but enough time has passed to warrant giving you a second shot. Please make sure to read our server rules as you will not be able to appeal a second permaban. You should be able to connect next round.

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