"Appearance Ban" Appeal

Byond Account: GaeWizard
Character Name(s): Gee Whiz
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban: 32689

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

You have been banned by Maxspells from Roles: Appearance. Reason: 32689 - RP 3, Admin 0. Purposefully ignored me when I asked you politely to change your IC name, which leads me to believe you had no intentions of listening. Banning you from appearance just in case. Appeal on the forums if you change your mind on wanting to interact with us here: https://forum.fulp.gg/
This ban is permanent. The round ID is 32689.
To appeal this ban go to Ban appeals - Fulpstation

Your ticket has been resolved by an admin. The Adminhelp verb will be returned to you shortly.

State your appeal:
Was told to change my name to be more RP appropriate. In a round where I was the only (active, non-griefer) player. As a new player i have no idea how to do this mid round, and since i was in the middle of calling the shuttle, ignored it as i would have to look up how to change a name. The plan was to change name going forward.

Additionally, having looked through the rules again, there is nothing that says an rp appropriate name is required (nor is Gee Whiz particularly inappropriate). And as for admin 0 for a rule violation, I sent literally only the character “_” as a response (to get the massive message off my screen). This ban was frankly unnecessary overkill.

While we don’t have a strict naming policy, we do ask that players pick something that is plausible based on their character’s race and to avoid puns or anything overly gimmicky if you aren’t playing clown or mime. You aren’t able to change names midround without admin perms, so waiting for the next round would have been fine. If you are willing to change your IC name, there’s no reason for this ban to stay in place.

This appeal is accepted. You should be able to make a custom character next round. Please make sure the name follows a medium RP standard (or use it as your clown name) when you join.

Respectfully, there is currently, simultaneously, Serves-The-Soup and Seeks-The-Soup playing in the same round. If you intend to enforce this rule, I would suggest having it in writing somewhere as it is currently being applied arbitrarily.

i asked seeks the soup permission to make a character of that name

Lizards are ripped off from skyrim, so they get away with that. Names like seeks the soup and serves the soup are ok.