Appereance ban appeal Kana

Byond Account:Mistermh
Character Name(s):Moffie, formerly angel jackson before i became moffie
Discord Name :Kana#7180
Round ID of Ban:21549

Ban Message :Banned from Roles: Appearance permanently - Refused to change their name from Moffie when told to. Appeal on the forums when you’re ready to follow the rules.
State your appeal:i got perma appereance banned for being named Moffie AS A MOTH
if the ban gets removed i can change my name or add a last name if that was the problem
i asked around in discord and a admin send a screenshot of how moffs should be named and to be honest i cant see how Moffie broke it since it says moths can choose cute or amusing names to further exploit their amicable appereance

We are an MRP server. Your name needs to follow MRP standards; needless to say, Moffie does not. Moth players usually have taxonomic names or you could stick to human naming convention. You’ll need to pick a new name before this will be accepted.

any name suggestions?

Quakers Moffa?

Nothing with Moff or any variation will be accepted.

thats sad welp…i want to keep the quakers since its an actual moth…can i just be quakers?