Aquidu's Mentor Application

Byond Account: Aquidu
Character Name(s): Archibald Montgomery
Discord Name: Aquidu
Age: 21
Timezone: PST (UTC-7)
Active hours: 10-12 PM most days, earlier on my days off work. Days off vary, but I always have Sundays off so expect activity then.
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Possibly

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

-A little over a year. March 13th was my 1 year anniversary.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

-Medical is by far my most experienced department. I have spent a significant portion of time experimenting and optimizing strategies for the most efficient work as M.D. and Paramedic. I understand common new player mistakes such as performing basic surgeries on stasis beds, stripping patients in public, overdosing on chems via stasis, and many others. I also have a significant amount of time in the Service department, however Service jobs are rather unique and do not share very common intersections and as such I have trouble with specifying my expertise in it. While I am by no means an expert in many of the departments compared to some of the other players, I believe I have learned enough and am proficient enough in all departments to assist any intern who may need help learning their job. This is the core of what I believe mentorship is about, and is what I seek to contribute as a member of the mentorship team.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
The tagline of “new-player friendly” on the server’s title card is far more significant than some might think. Many new SS13 players may simply jump into the most populated or top of the list server and learn through trial, however a more hesitant or curious player looking to learn the basics, improve, and eventually become a vital member of the community, may dig deeper. Being one of the few servers that openly advertises acceptance of new players, maintaining a dedicated, enthusiastic, and reliable base of mentors will ensure this advertisement does not fall flat. It does not take much to turn someone off to a game, especially on their first time playing. Fulpstation is in a unique position in this regard that ensuring new players have a good first impression will continue to allow both the server and SS13 as a whole to have a steady influx of new players as veterans drop off slowly, and mentors are where the rubber meets the road on this. It was because of the mentors that I was able to learn, grow, and improve to the point I am now, and it would bring me great joy if I could bring this same experience to others. Even outside of SS13, I love to teach and share the things I enjoy with others, and it brings me incredible happiness to pass on my knowledge to others, that they may in turn share, or surpass me in their knowledge later. It is for this reason that mentorship excites me. Fulpstation has provided me with a wonderful community and experience, and I feel with how much time and effort has been given to me, I owe the community in return for all the hours of fun I have been given. If not for the mentorship team, I very well may have passed on from SS13 long ago, and if I am not to repay the effort poured into me by the mentors then, it will have been as if they never did anything at all.

I have read several other applications to see what sort of things are sought out in a mentor, and have attempted to improve the qualities of character that I believe would help me in this. I also understand that when picking mentors, out of game conduct such as in places here on the forums or on Discord is far more critical than in-game conduct when judging the content of someone’s character. I bear this in mind when I encourage you to consider my application, and I encourage you to reach out to me if you have any concerns or worries about possible issues in the future. I am not a perfect person, nor will I claim or pretend to be. Despite this, I have a large commitment to always improving from my mistakes. Rather than simply tell you, I encourage you to search my disciplinary history yourself, as I have(to my knowledge) always improved from my mistakes and became better, and if you have found an example of me not, then I urge you to please tell me, that I may rectify that. Lastly, as a member of the mentorship team, I understand that I will no longer be seen as a mere player but as a part of the server itself. This means that my actions and decisions carry the weight of the server behind it. I understand that, as a mentor, the way I conduct myself both in the community and out of the community can harm the reputation of the server if misused. I understand that, as a mentor, I could very well be the only representative of Fulpstation someone may have, and as such should conduct myself in a manner that would bring respect to the server and community. I understand that, as a mentor, I could be the difference between a new player feeling welcomed and another “fulp bad” post on Reddit. I understand that, as a mentor, my actions and decisions could influence the future of Fulpstation greatly, for better or for worse. If at any point, I seem to make a choice that does not conform to these series of statements, I wish to be harshly reminded of this commitment, and removed from mentorship if the leadership sees fit.

Lastly, if you feel that I have not yet reached a point where I am ready to be a mentor, or lack a skill or personal quality critical to mentorship, I would be more than happy to hear your criticisms, that I may know what to improve upon for the next six, or even twelve, months. By all means, tell me what I lack, through this thread, reaching out to me on Discord, any communication method you feel is best. Mentorship is a critical role, and one that I believe would be worth the wait.

Thank you very much for reading and for any amount of thought to my application.
Best regards,


+1 invited markiplier to play zomboid

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+1 he plays hoi4(utterly deranged)

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This app is accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!