Asimov borg ignores laws and non sec chase contractor through 1/4 of the map with bonus rage cage grief

Byond Account:SoreYew
Character Name(s): Sore Yew
Discord Name:Soryuu#0002
Round ID:14296
Griefer Byond account:?
Griefer Byond name:UNBASED/Andy Focell, Ahar Dorthanent, Reed Jyllian
What happened:

I’m a contractor, and I snag my target in bar. UNBASED sees me so i smack them with the baton and make my escape. A chainsaw chap and scientist see me running and the guy yelling so they chase me all the way from bar to past toxins storage maints, with UNBASED begging them to “help, contractor!” UNBASED bolts us all into one spot, and cornered I eventually get robusted and the lynch mob (no security have shown up yet) begin taking their looties and killing the antag. UNBASED takes this chance to remove my kidnapping victim from the room and come back.

I manage to weasel my way into not being looted until a sec shows up and disables me, causing them to try to loot me again and click me with their chainsaw. All during this human harm UNBASED is doing their best to assist the chap in getting in my face, even after they’ve shown they will only cause me harm.

After I get stunlocked by the sec the borg drags me around and buckles me, ignores a valid law 2 command (“hide me they’re killing me”) (im orange health from them beating the shit out of me) and takes it upon themselves to run me to perma and strip me in a locker. Then with no security involved in my perma process at all I’m thrown into perma with a *spin and I salt ghost.

Much later in the round a rage cage is built! Always fun. A gene by the name of Reed take this chance to set up his dominance in the ring. The issue? He not only killed consenting fighters, but paramedics retrieving bodies, non contenders, and even the security forces attempting to stop them!

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This has been taken care of.