#ask-mods ban appeal

Byond Account: HazyAssaulter
Character Name(s): Hazy Assaulter
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): HazyAssaulter#2813
Round ID of Ban: N/A
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): N/A
State your appeal: I did not receive any notice or message about being banned from the channel, but I am assuming I was for answering a question.

Here is the message I believe I may have been banned for : Screenshot-20210410-211946 — ImgBB

If the ban is temporary I am willing to just wait it out. If it is permanent or indefinite I would like to appeal it - I assumed while technically against the rule of the channel it would be acceptable to quote/share strict rules of the server to other users. It is now clear to me that this is not acceptable and I am willing to only participate in the channel to ask my own questions. I only wish to appeal the ban so I may have the ability to do so in the future as needed.

Thank you for reading.

You’re correct that that’s what the ban was for; you should be able to post in that channel again. Thanks for your cooperation with keeping ask-mods a place for players to talk to mods.