Asking for feedback on a Proof of Concept Job: Head Surgeon

Note: I need this thread to take notes, interest and tweaks to a new job before I PR.
This job has already been coded, I’m just looking for some feedback

Job: Head Surgeon

Standard Duties
Why does this exist, or: “How I learned to stop drugging and love the surgery”


Job Description (In the style of the TG wiki)
Be the CMO’s Second in command. Cut people’s eyes out with a scalpel. Steal patients from the doctor. Steal the flash from robotics and flash the paramedics repeatedly. Actually use the surgery room, for repeated Lobotomies.

Much like the Warden is to the HOS, The Head Surgeon is to be CMO. They should be promoted first to CMO. The Primary Treatment Centre and surgery is their domain as well, and they should give loose directions to the doctors.
Along with this, They should be taking over lengthy surgeries and obtaining prosthetics from robotics. They are the bridge between Medical and Science as well, and may communicate between the RD and Medical in case of an absent, incompetent, or incapacitated CMO.
They should be another line of defense from medical turning into a disorganized mess.
They should also assist in teaching new doctors, and should be knowledgeable in the MD part of medbay, specifically surgery and revival.

Standard Duties, in order of importance:
Perform extremely long surgeries.
Acquiring extra prosthetics from robotics.
Organize stasis room while the CMO is out.
Teach medical staff when the CMO is unwilling or unable to. This includes having extensive medical knowledge.
Perform Coroner’s Duties. this includes giving the dead formaldehyde and also properly harvesting organs.
They are NOT to touch Pharmacy or Chemistry. This is not their job.
They are there to bring orders to the stasis room.

Requirements, Loadout, and access:

Requirements: 12 Hours Medical
Available Slots: 1 Roundstart, Max 2.

Access: Medical, Surgery, Morgue, Medical Mechbay, Robotics.

White Suit: This looks quite professional while also having the sterile white doctor feel.
Also, the Head Surgeon should not be dealing with chemicals what
Surgical Mask.
Latex Gloves


Medical Belt.
This is filled with The Health Analyzer, and a full set of surgical tools.

Surgical Apron.
This is for when the Head Surgeon does surgery, if they wish.

Medsci Radio.
Because they have Robotics access, they may need to talk with robotics. This will be essential.

Formaldehyde Bottle.
To stop Corpses from rotting during surgery

Bone Gel.
Surgical applications.

I may add in a selection of these items, based on feedback.
Sterilizer Gel.
Blood filter

Please note that the Head Surgeon does not start with a Medical Aid Kit. They are not supposed to be doing menial tasks like applying sutures and mesh.

They also should not have a health scanner HUD, because they do not need to really look at patient’s health until they are ready for revival. They should not be taking in half dead patients either. They should stick to surgery.

Why does this exist, or: "How I learned to stop drugging and love the surgery"

I conceived of this idea when I realized how much I was actually outside of stasis room as CMO. The Head surgeon fills in all the gaps that a CMO doesn’t have time for, while still remaining on par and, In my opinion, different from MD. Their access including robotics allows us to print extra limbs, on some maps we don’t get any prosthetics, and on most we get two of each. So often do I see MDs work for 10-15 minutes on a single patient with all dead organs while other patients rot on the floor.
The Head Surgeon is supposed take those rotten corpses, and while they are being fixed by someone that should be experienced, the doctors can triage multiple, less damaged patients.

The robotic access might be a little much, but someone needs to print prosthetics if we run out.

Since we are a beginner’s server, the Head Surgeon is another tool to teach one of the more difficult and important departments in the game.

ID and HUD icon

To do:
Change where it is in the ID console, right now it’s right after prisoner
Get it spawn points in medbay
Maybe give it a unique labcoat or smth
I like the suit but if I get a lot of criticisms I’ll change it
Might change the job slots to 2 roundstart max 3 and down the MD slots to 10. Still unsure.


I definitely like this as an idea to move CMO away from doing all of the surgeries and to actually managing their department, and I like the idea having someone coordinated with sci for prosthetics, though on torn on whether this new role should have this responsibility or not. Ideally, since this role will be taking some of the more labor-intensive parts of medbay off the CMO’s plate, the CMO will have more time to actually coordinate with command. I do agree that robotics access is overboard though since not even the CMO has that, and there are plenty of other ways to communicate with sci.

Can we see the uniform sprites by themselves? As they are, they look like they’re going to be hard to tell what profession the person is at a glance as it doesn’t vary that much from the white jumpsuit sprite that spawns in wardrobes on every station, and virology already has green uniforms, so this might be confusing. I’d strongly suggest adding a blue (maybe periwinkle?) cross on the chest since the CMO, MDs, and parameds all have them as well as a skirt option since all but shaft miners and curators have both. image

I see where you’re coming from, but I think roundstard medihud is a good idea- warden starts off with sechuds and QM with sunglasses, after all. If you’re doing surgery on someone, you’ll definitely want to be able to see if they’re bleeding out on the table. Taking in half-dead patients is part of surgery, especially when you have to repair extensive wound damage. I do agree that they shouldn’t have an autosurgeon though.

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Second in Command for each department is something I wanted to have ever since I started playing the game and would make communication and coordination a lot smoother in each department.

Chief Atmospherics Technician bias too

Now on feedback, a Health HUD is important because it would easily tell the HS about the status of the patient at Stasis and just to give data on the corpses and if they still have a soul to be worth the time.

To help on the coordination side of things, being heard is kinda important so a megaphone would help but most importantly, being able to show easily that you are not just a doctor so a unique Labcoat (Or whatever would be more fitting for a HS) would make other doctors identify and follow your orders easier.

Robotics access might be overkill, but Science as a second frequency is also something I wanted from a Second in Command at medical. This would make cooperation with the most isolated department easier for when you need Robotic limbs, help with mutations or just to scream at miners to farm Silver I guess…

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Ok, do you think we can use the spare medical Cloak for this?

I will be swapping out the robo access, but keep the sci comms.
It’s the HS’s job to work in stasis room, and they should be helping getting surgical research done.
Also, as a surgeon, they will be the one most often replacing limbs, so that’s why I originally got the robo access. but it is a little much

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Personally, I’d think it’d make more sense for the HS to be working in the surgery rooms seeing as they are, well, surgeons, and a lot of the newer doctors need the forgiveness that the stasis bed provides when doing… anything, and that’s where folks usually walk in when they need treatment ASAP. Not to mention that surgeries are faster on surgery tables than stasis anyway, so that’d be important for really extensive operations. Most maps (if not all) have a surgery theatre, which would be perfect for this IMO

This is really a minor grip, but I find it a little confusing that the Head Surgeon is not the Head of the Department and that there will be up to two head surgeons. Suggestions for a different name:

Attending Surgeon (AS)
Senior Medical Officer (SMO)
Assistant Chief Medical Officer (ACMO)
Staff Doctor (SD)
High Surgeon (HS)

(There are some combinations of prefix and noun, that turn the abbreviation to SS. I avoided those deliberately)


New look, and new name: Master Surgeon

Robo Access has been removed.

Again, their duties are ordered like AI laws. Their goal is to do surgeries first and monitor stasis when the CMO isn’t around second


The main question it gives me is does it change MD expectations? As in, would MDs be expected not to do surgery and instead make sure the HS does it? What surgeries would be suitable for a MD to conduct?

The way I read the Master Surgeons (much better than any of my suggestions, btw!) duties is the following:

The Bar exploded. Paramedics bring in five patients that are heavily damaged, then go back and fix the lightly damaged.

Two of the five have around a hundred combined brute and burn damage and are barely alive.
Two others are dead, have third degree burns and a very minor amount of organ decay.
The last one was basically next to the bomb, has one remaining limb and Brute and Burn that makes all doctors go “Darn, there goes my dinner break”.

The Master Surgeons formals the last one and gets him to surgery. He will be dealt with, methodically by the best Doctor besides the CMO. He will get new Limbs attached and all his wounds repaired and then revived.

Meanwhile the other four can be triaged quickly by the two remaining MDs and healed with some combination of mend wounds, chems and revival methods.

Is this correct, Kirie?

Even More extreme than that.

Someone gets brought in being spaced for the last 15 minutes
That’s the MS’s Job.
Man missing 2 limbs and has around 200 brute burn?
Miner lags into lava?
Master Surgeon deals with it.
Atmos techs want a toolset implant?
MS does that.

In their spare time, they prepare corpses, remove the good organs from the morgue, Send the ID back to the HOP, and their gear to the respective department.

They are supposed to take over if they expect a doctor to spend a long time in surgery, or if the surgery is just frivolous. They’re supposed to have more free time when the CMO is in medbay, and also to teach new recruits. When the CMO’s out they make sure work is getting done while still taking patients.
This way, doctors aren’t being dragged from their work to implant cybernetics, and they can heal more, lesser damaged patients.

The Science comms are to make sure that they, and the doctors have the research they need to be working effectively, and the Prosthetics from robotics

So in short, Yes.
The HS takes the most damaged bodies that require surgeries and the MDs rapid-fire the rest with medication.
Not that the MDs SHOULDN’T do surgery, it’s mostly for efficiency’s sake.

To bring it back to the Warden analogy:
Security officers CAN spend time talking with the accused to get their side of the story, and then the warden agrees on the timer. But it’s far from the most efficient way of doing it.

I like most of this, but the one thing I disagree with is 2 of them. There should have 1, like how there’s 1 AI and 1 QM, which are also mini-heads like this role wants to be. The only reason there’s 2 Wardens is because the warden is usually expected to do Warden’s job and beyond (like checking in on the 4 perma prisoners)


I love the Idea. As a frequent CMO I feel we are spending most time of the round into surgery. The new name Master Surgeon feel better than Head SurgeonI would sugest laso one other thing. A bit shame about removing robo access, but i can understand it . By the way how about making duffel bags with surgical tools with ID’s a secure duffel bags like secure briefcases? I notice that a lot of people take all the tools into inventory instead of using autholate and many time random people can snatch it via opened doors and run away.

I agree with the limit being set to one here, otherwise, this seems like a great idea and a way to bring down the choas of medbay while also adding another slot for roundstart. I hardly know anything about medbay so i cant really say much else, and i definitly cant give accurate feedback, but i would love to see this fully implimented.

i struggle to understand why this is any different from simply a doctor who knows what they’re doing and is willing to teach others

The access to robotics is a hard pass from me. I would sooner allow medbay to print them, but even that is unlikely as medbay is not equipped to work with prosthetics (no welders, no screw drivers, no augment manipulator)

ultimately the important parts of this are things that can be accomplished roundstart from a CMO who knows how to use the PDA for ID card edits.