Ataakatan's ban appeal

Byond Account:Ataakatan
Character Name(s):
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):uh not sure what that is?
Round ID of Ban:27960

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:I discovered this game through a youtube video and thought the game was interesting, so i decided to join this server because its beginner friendly, it was my second/third round, i am/was still pretty confused with the controls and the game hud (and i dont really understand the wiki) and i think i ended up hitting someone because the harm option was on, and they ended up killing me (which they had the right to do so). While i was being treated(?) i kept hearing these weird noises until a message saying that an admin was trying to talk to me popped up really big on my screen, they were asking why i was attacking people, to which i replied with a “what” because i was pretty fucking confused, and nothing popped up on my screen again so i thought it was a mistake by their part (sorry if i didnt see that they said something to me after that). After finally waking up i went to the bar, and some flower guy decided to give me an explosive lemon, because i was a clown. I thought since i was supposed to be silly the bomb was safe and it was just going to make a fart sound or something, instead it kinda blew up the bar and killed (?) a bunch of people. I was quickly perma banned after that with the reason of “grief account”, and thats just really damm ridiculous since this is my only account and i started playing this game yesterday. Can i please get another chance or just get banned for a couple of days? I understand i messed up, and i will try to watch a few tutorials so i dont ruin anyone’s fun since i am so fucking stupid. The game is pretty fun and the people playing it are pretty lovely, i didnt mean to be a dick.

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I was willing to believe that maybe this was a fight that happened due to a misunderstanding after a misclick until I checked the logs and saw that you “accidentally” had harm intent on and attacked them 6 times before they shoved you back, and you continued to attack them until they had negative HP. It’s obvious you didn’t read the rules and repeatedly attacking them shows me that this was deliberate. Since you decided not to be honest about this in the appeal, I’m denying it. You can re-appeal in 6 months.