ATHATH's Halloween-ish Permaban

  1. Byond Account: ATHATH
  2. Character Name(s): Jack Jackson, Randolph Ketterson, Cube, and more. My character at the time this incident took place was a temporary one named Kat Black.
  3. Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): ATHATH#3225
  4. Round ID of Ban: 17349
  5. Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
  6. State your appeal:

Before I get into what happened in the round of this ban, I want to talk about the reason for the secban that I was “evading” here. That secban was applied because, in another server’s discord server, I had joked about wanting to apply the “amogus punishment” to criminals on Fulp. I have discord logs of the event, but I’m probably just gonna post them in the appeal for the sec ban so as to not distract from this ban’s appeal. It should be noted that the sec ban had been applied over two months before this round took place, and had lasted that long for the same reason this ban has lasted as long as it had: I simply didn’t care enough about appealing the ban to make a forum account and write up an entire ban appeal post.

As for this ban, I was fortunate enough to have recorded the entirety of the round I got banned in: [Fulpstation] Kat Black Gets Banned Near Halloween - YouTube. Since I doubt that most of you want to watch the entirety of a 40 minute long video, I’ll go over the events of that round:

I start the round, which took place on November 2nd, 2021, as Kat Black, a vampiric felinid assistant (whose name was a reference to the Kat [Color] naming scheme that a few notorious felinids on /tg/ used). As I’m playing on Fulpstation and not /tg/, I decide to NOT vamptide into the bridge, grab a fire axe, and then break into the HoS’s locker like I had in some /tg/ LRP rounds earlier that day (IIRC), and instead go for a more typical assistant loadout.

After constructing a chem dispenser for botany, I decide to dress in all-black clothes to better fit my character’s “black cat” aesthetic. I dye my insuls black, I swap my green jumpsuit for a mostly-black formal assistant jumpsuit, and I don a black beret and trenchcoat. I conclude that jackboots would be the perfect shoe slot item to complete my look (and be more functional than my black shoes, which can’t hold two epipens like jackboots can), but the public clothing vendor does not sell them.

After draining some monkeys of their blood, I decide to batform into the brig to purchase some jackboots from the security clothing vendor there (12:03). This intent is proven by what I pre-typed before exiting the vent: “just here to buy some jackboots”. After purchasing my jackboots and upgrading my cablecuffs to sec handcuffs, I notice that two sec lockers have been left open. After upgrading my headset to a bowman headset (for the protection for my sensitive cat ears), I try on the dark grey vest from the locker, trying to determine if it looks better or worse than my trenchcoat. I know it sounds absurd for me to use “Your honor, I did it for the drip” as my argument here, but you can literally see me compare the vest and the trenchcoat in the video, taking both items on and off multiple times (12:42). Hypothesizing that the issue could be the white patch on my formal jumpsuit, I purchase a grey sec jumpsuit and try that on instead. It has some bright buttons patch on its chest and some red stripes on its sleeves, but the buttons are concealable by the vest, so I decide to go with the grey sec jumpsuit + the armored vest. I also purchase a grey sec beret and compare it to my black one, conclude that they look nigh-identical, and swap my black beret for the sec one.

I talk to John Willard, reconfirming that I came here to get drip and that I am aware of my sec ban (14:54), try and fail to start a conversation with the warden, and then visibly hesitate as I look at a secbelt. It’s black (compared to my brown toolbelt), it has a lovely self-defense baton in it, the warden and the other seccies don’t care that I’m in here… why shouldn’t I take it? The ban prevents me from walking up to the HoP and straight up rejobbing to sec officer, not taking good loot. I take the belt, purchase an energy bola, and ventcrawl out.

I would like to specifically point out that I did NOT replace my black sunglasses with secHUD glasses. Had I been out to simply become a sec officer despite my ban, I would have requested sec access from the HoP and/or taken those secHUDglasses so that I could identify criminals to validhunt.

After leaving sec, I carry on with my round as normal. I try to help cargo take their hijacked shuttle back (although there’s not much left for me to do by the time I come back from printing a circular saw) and perform the grey slime core experiment that the doctors were begging for, as we had no xenobiologists and medbay couldn’t research better surgeries without it.

I then hear over comms that a “Heretic killed themselves on door above incinerator”. I batform over there, and sure enough, your honor, the antag had critted themselves on a door before I got there (32:46). Noticing that he was in crit, not dead, I laugh at him (as explicitly requested by Jack Wrath over comms), cuff him, and check his bag for heretic gear to confirm that he is actually a heretic (and thus not safe to heal up on the spot). I find a codex cicatrix and a living heart in his internals box, so I heal him up enough so that he won’t die, but not enough for him to return to consciousness. I swiftly bring him to the brig, show the captain the evidence of the heretic being a heretic, and tell the warden to bring a muzzle so that the heretic can be safely brought out of crit and nonlethally detained.

The captain then pulls me aside and asks why I have sec gear (35:52). I truthfully tell them how I got it, and they respond by saying “That’s illegal” and batonning me. I do not fight back, not even nonlethally, nor do I try to escape the encounter with batform. I instead keep typing, offering myself up to be mindshielded and then calling their batonning “rude”. The captain calls me an “impostor”, and I respond that, yeah, duh, I am visibly wearing a goddamn assistant ID, I am not trying to hide from them. The captain full strips me of ALL of my items, then straightjackets me and straps me to a bed due to not having cuffs on their person (not having cuffs as a captain, kind of a bruh moment). I’m bwoinked as the captain runs off to find some handcuffs, and explain myself to the bwoinking admin (Tom F. Hardy) as I batform to escape the bed and ventcrawl to botany. The botanists, who are still grateful for that chem dispenser I constructed for them, unstraightjacket me, and I start ventcrawling back over to sec to try to get my non-contraband items back/talk down the captain. While I’m in the pipes, Tom bans me.

The ban reason claims that I used stolen security gear to validhunt. I did not validhunt. I responded to a corpse callout, then saved a heretic’s life, brought that already-defeated heretic to sec, and told sec how to nonlethally detain them. I did not take the secHUD glasses that would have allowed me to identify valid targets at a glance, even though I had the opportunity to.

I did not evade my security ban. During that round, I performed the role of an ASSISTANT, not a security officer. I assisted botany by building a dispenser for them, I assisted cargo by trying to help them recover their hijacked shuttle, I assisted science/medbay by performing a basic (yet critical) experiment that hadn’t been completed yet 30 minutes into the round due to a lack of staff, I assisted medbay by trying to recover a called-out corpse, and I assisted security by bringing a defeated antag to the brig and advising them on how to nonlethally detain them. If that doesn’t count as fulfilling my job as an assistant, I don’t know what does.

This ban is multiple months old, and the only reason it’s taken this long for me to appeal it (and the secban that lead to it) is because I didn’t feel like spending 3+ hours on creating a forum account and writing a ban appeal for it.

ADDENDUM: I wanted to directly link to specific points in the video, but apparently, new users can only post up to 2 links at once, so you’re going to have to manually use those time stamps instead. Sorry.

You have a long, long history of rule lawyering which makes having you on the server as a player pretty unpleasant for everyone on staff. Writing a nearly 1,500 word essay (!!! Why? No one has time for this!) on why what you did wasn’t technically ban evasion instead of just taking responsibility for it is a pretty good indicator that this will continue if you are unbanned.

You also got a perma ban from /tg/ for exploiting bugs about a month after this, and while I don’t know the extent of what happened over there, you have been warned repeatedly for exploits on Fulp as well, so I really have no reason to think that this behavior will stop, either.

TL;DR: This whole ban appeal makes it pretty clear you haven’t changed at all and will continue to be a nuisance to the community. This is denied.