Axle Brody Does An Illegal Demotion

Byond Account: boltonshead
Character Name(s): Imperfect Clone of Barney Calhoun
Discord Name: Imperfect Clone of B.C. (boltonshead)
Round ID: 31224
Date: 09/03/2024
Griefer IC name: Axle Brody
Griefer Byond account (if known): sinfulbliss

What happened: Acting Captain CMO told seccie Axle Brody to put away a contraband shotgun. He refused. When the CMO then set him to arrest, he deleted his own record. That was before I had arrived. When I arrived, CMO told me to arrest him (without saying why) and when I went to check his records, they were either deleted or not there (very suspicious). I then attempted to arrest him, but was arrested by another officer, and then demoted by him and Axle. I then wrote out why I was arresting him on paper- to explain to him what was happening. He read the situation, and then flushed me into disposals anyways. On shuttle, he then taunted the acting captain and me by saying “this is what happens to people who so and so to axle brody-”

With all of this not really being clear to me on whether or not this would be considered griefing, I thought it would be worth mentioning, as I feel as if I had done nothing wrong.

I talked to him later on discord, and he said he “dk why youd arrest a secoff that didnt even do a crime bcuz a random CMO told you to” even though it’s very clear he was doing a crime, as he was possessing contraband and was told to drop it by acting captain- as there was no HoS, this was within his jurisdiction.

He also says “either way i didnt even arrest u the other secoffs and warden did cuz u silently attacked me” but that doesn’t feel like a valid excuse either- as he was also stripping me, and the warden was not promoted to acting HoS by the cap.

I was Axle. First of all, I had no “contraband” the entire round. The contraband in question was a Bounty Hunter shotgun which I quickly disposed of (I put it in a locker deep in maint). The CMO was asking me to find it and give the Bounty Hunters their shotgun back (???) so I refused. I found it would be wrong to help bounty hunters as sec.

Barney, a fellow seccie, almost immediately after arriving, started trying to arrest me. He did not say a single word. I ran off. Then later in brig he tried to arrest me again; throwing an ebola. Other seccies and the warden witnessed this and cuffed him. The warden stripped him and tried to disposal him (they said something like “garbage”). During this Barney’s writing a message on paper because he’s unable to communicate vocally apparently, saying things like “I am in quite the mess” and other nonsensical phrases (just check his Say logs). The warden demoted you and we flushed you out of brig. I never even cuffed you, all I did was help the warden get you out of brig for randomly arresting an officer for an unknown reason.

Alright this was a lot to dig through. So some of these things are IC issues and basically arguing over things that should be handled IC. Currently on fulp I believe our general consensus is that bounty hunters are designed to be antagonists and fugitives as sort of “guests”. It is up to the individual crewmembers to ultimately to decide whether or not to help the fugitives, but overall helping or aiding the bounty hunters is something crew shouldn’t be doing since it goes against their whole design.

Based on that, I don’t think Axle did anything against the rules by refusing to give back the shotgun outright, it would just be insubordination at worst and an IC issue against the acting captain. He never used the shotgun, and so it’s not powergaming. That being the basis of this makes everything seem kind of silly, since it is literally a minor charge everyone is kind of getting upset over. I don’t care about Axle clearing his own record, that’s IC. My only real issue is the other sec officer getting stripped of literally all their stuff and stuffed in disposals for just trying to follow captains orders. This was all over a simple insubordination charge at this point and is something I don’t think should have happened. Either way, it’s sort of a mess and I don’t see anyone doing anything in bad faith other than robusting a sec officer and stripping them of their things so I’m going to close this and talk to them about that.

thanks for the report!