B0rk386's Mentor Application

Byond Account: B0rk386
Character Name(s): Giacomo, Urist, Fixer/Mixer
Discord Name: Aquarius (sonofaweegee)
Age: 22
Timezone: Eastern Time Zone ( UTC−05:00)
Active hours: Afternoon and Evenings, sometimes midnight hours.
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Yes, although I feel I need more time before I feel confident on applying for mod

How long have you played on Fulpstation? 412 hours as living, 45 as ghost.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for?
Science, Engineering, possibly Security

Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
I played Science for a very long time, about half my time on Fulp has been in sci. I’ve done Xenobiology, Robotics, Genetics, Research and Development, the only thing I have not done is Ordnance. As for engineering, I have experience in all fields, though some of the more advanced parts of atmospherics still elude me. Lastly, I have played Security a little, though I find that the stress of being part of Security has led to more mistakes than typical.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
I’ve noticed how responsive the admins are whenever a griefer is spotted and confirmed, and also have learned how to avoid getting into trouble for the most part; if it looks risky (might cause mass destruction, or even just the death of one person), file an ahelp asking if it’s okay to do this or that. If there are no admins online to respond or they do not respond, don’t do it. I had to learn this the hard way once or twice, but I am better for it.

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Cool guy

Always seems to be willing to learn and teach, and is generally a fun person to talk to. +1!

+1 updoot gave me tech support

+1 Non-Toxic Engie

A rare down-to-earth command player +1.5

ya hes cool pluh 1

Cool guy, +1

Line 22054: [2023-11-06 01:37:17.275] GAME-SAY: B0rk386/(Giacomo) you have all done more harm to us, the victims, than the criminals. (Escape Shuttle Brig (148,143,5))
Line 22150: [2023-11-06 01:37:41.706] GAME-SAY: B0rk386/(Giacomo) If I play sec and see you (Escape Shuttle Brig (148,143,5))
Line 22157: [2023-11-06 01:37:44.821] GAME-SAY: B0rk386/(Giacomo) I will stomp you into dust. (Escape Shuttle Brig (148,143,5))
Line 22171: [2023-11-06 01:37:48.638] GAME-SAY: B0rk386/(Giacomo) you can count on that. (Escape Shuttle Brig (148,143,5))
Line 22217: [2023-11-06 01:37:57.976] GAME-SAY: B0rk386/(Giacomo) fuck the rules (Escape Shuttle Brig (148,143,5))
Line 22226: [2023-11-06 01:38:00.332] GAME-SAY: B0rk386/(Giacomo) you aren't playing by them (Escape Shuttle Brig (148,143,5))
Line 22235: [2023-11-06 01:38:01.942] GAME-SAY: B0rk386/(Giacomo) why should i (Escape Shuttle Brig (148,143,5))

||Line 22023: [2023-11-06 01:37:07.934] GAME-SAY: B0rk386/(Giacomo) all of you. (Escape Shuttle Brig (148,143,5))|

Probably because you have an open mentor app up. This is denied, obviously.