Baborabos unban appeal

Byond Account:Baborabo
Character Name(s): barny badass
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Mr.MoNkey
Round ID of Ban: round 21403 banID#31689

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: so i know it was yesterday but i was a mime that round and as a mime i usually play music and not be a shitter but i was killed in the first 10 mins of that round for no reason really and i guess i was a bit upset (cringe) but i was resurrected by the admin but what happend was i crit a jani with telekinesis toolbox beacuse they took the camera i was taking pics of people with using telekinesis i was also stuck in sci so i couldnt take him to med bay or get my camera but i did point to his body and just emoted (points at medbay) i dont know why it did not show up in the logs but i was told i was dishonest but long story short i am permabanned but i do like your server it is probs the best ss13 servers out and i do have quite a few hours in your server but i would appriciate if you unbanned me and i promise to not be a shitter :) think of the good times with magic clown and my occasional xenobio gang

Edit: i would also like to say i know i should not have crit a jani for taking my camera i regret it now i dont really do things like that i try to not be a shitter when i play and it isnt an excuse to kill them for a bit of trolling beacuse i was angry but i am sorry also i have no clue what the other thing i lied about was? i try and tell the admins in a ahelp the full story to the best of my memory

I was actually there watching this one because i was watching the janitor. You were at the sci counter with the window open and I thought you were just chilling there but then when the janitor was mopping the hallway you used telekinesis and started attacking them without pointing or doing anything. You could have left like whenever the window was open just climb the table and go out. I would have been willing to appeal this if you would have just said youre sorry for being a stinker and critting the janitor but you doubled down on a lie so im gonna have to deny this one.