Bad secman Dennis Elderson abuses his position

Byond account: Nonbisco
Character name: Richard Williams
Round ID:11862
Discord name:Nonbisco, Pope of Beans#9372
Griefer Name: Dennis Elderson

As clown I was minding my own buisness when a random security officer by the name of Dennis Elderson decided to attack me.
He did not say anything, did not say he was arresting me or ANYTHING, simply attacked me.
Later I heard on the radio that someone else was calling him a shitsec (I assume he did something of the sort again) and later I heard a security officer was shooting at someone with lethals (which I only assume was him)

As I am writing this I see that there is another report against him, called electric boogaloo part 2, so I assume that this man is a repeat offender of the rules, and therefore I reckon he deserves at least a roleban from security.

That’s about it, thanks for the read, and have a nice one!

Resolved, thanks for the report!

(I did this outside of date-order because I remember observing on this round)