BagpipeJogger ban appeal r.19125

Byond Account: BagpipeJogger
Character Name(s): Observable Element
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): N/A
Round ID of Ban: 19125

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:

To explain the situation, I banged on a cell window with a fire extinguisher for a minute or two because the clown was screaming over the radio about being arrested, purely as a gesture of moral support and clown-mime solidarity, which is something that’s very commonly seen, doing absolutely no damage to the window in the process.

After getting arrested and given a 10 minute sentence for what was essentially nothing more than making a noise, I banged on the window with my internals tank, doing no damage to the window, to try to get the wardens attention and mimed writing on paper to try to get something to write on to explain the situation, during which time the clown started smashing the window to my cell with a sharpened hatchet, damaging it.

The warden finally came over and removed my timer, but instead of letting me out he blocked off my cell entrance with a barrier grenade and then with two other officers discussed the idea that they should frame me for attempted murder and throw me in perma.

At this point I started banging on the window even more, broke the lightbulb, damaged the bed and screamed, pointing at the HoS to try to get his attention. He ordered them to release me, an order which they ignored and I was only able to get out when a clown RCD’d the window to my cell, after which my first action was to get some paper to explain to the HoS what the situation was, all the while the officer and warden were trying to rearrest me.

Around that time I was messaged by the banning admin asking me why I was breaking windows as a non-antag. As I replied one of the officers used this as an opportunity to drag me back into the brig. I explained to the admin that I was not causing any damage to them and that the warden and officers were trying to frame me for attempted murder. Shortly after this my connection dropped and when I tried to reconnect I received the ban message.

I fail to see how a 3-day ban is justified over what amounts to making a noise and breaking a lightbulb, especially considering the conduct of the security players, who were completely out of order trying to falsely imprison me (something which also happened in the previous round and makes me suspect metagrudging from the warden and/or arresting officer although I admit I have no real evidence to support that theory, and also total disregard for spacelaw and expected conduct for security by officer Lebowski, who was supporting the plan to falsely perma me, and with whom I’ve had issues with in the past, most recently being in a round yesterday, where he arrested and fullstripped me of my envirosuit and plasma internals for standing outside the brig knocking on a window, waiting to be let in for weaponry to fight a confirmed blob, resulting in me catching fire, and watching me asphyxiate and then husk.) I also don’t feel that, as my ban message states, I was being an asshole at any stage of these events and am confident that when looking into the situation you’ll clearly see that I was not the perpetrator, but rather the victim of rule-breaking behaviour.

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I’ve unbanned you because I agree this was handeled IC and I dont even see how this breaks any rules.

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