Balthuzad's mentor app

Byond Account: zzzmike (I should probably change this eventually to have one name everywhere)
Character Name(s): Ned Newson / N.E.D. 9000
Discord Name: balthuzad#1770
Age: 33
Timezone: Pacific time
Active hours: Due to my job being 24/7 and unpredictable, I can potentially be on at all hours of the day including times when there’s 0 staff in adminwho.

How long have you played on Fulpstation? I started June 13th of this year, never played SS13 at all before then. 102.8 living hours, 144 hours in total. I’ve also logged many hours on a localhost version of fulp so I can learn without disrupting anything. Thank you for the github by the way.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments? A bit of borg and AI (radio channels, wall-mounted and station-bounced as backups, holopad, carding/integrity restorer, welding to fix borgs, robotics console, turret settings, holopads, cameras, camera upgrades, open/bolt/electrify/apc/turret shortcuts, the importance of rules like follow your laws, etc.) A little bit of paramedic and doctor - some surgeries/allergies/defib/species differences/etc. A bit of sec - the usual arrest/release procedures. Engineering is the bulk of my experience - how to start the supermatter and solars, the ‘gasses flow instantly from regular pipe to regular pipe if there’s nothing inbetween’ thing - how to improve the sm cooling loop based on that, too-much-pressure delams, high-temp delams, overcharge delam (this almost never happens lol), how to fix (fixing pipe/filter settings, broken pipes, pipe layers, freezers including how to construct new ones, pumping in n2 from atmos, making supercool n2 in advance, station goals, improving distro/waste, fixing sabotage to distro (flushing distro, getting good air back in), telecoms/apc/gravity issues (how to build a new apc, telecom machine settings, etc.) - power issues/cut cables/smes settings/using pacman to jumpstart sm emitters/air alarm settings (contaminated mode, pumping air in fast, etc), atmos resin to fight fires/restore good air/seal breaches temporarily, fixing/creating/upgrading ai cameras, using rpd/rcd for constructing/deconstructing/making doors with new access settings, (and alternatives if rcd/rpd not available). Hacking doors/apc/air alarms/etc, getting metal/plasteel from lathe to reinforce, reducing door timings, etc.) The cargo delivery systems - mulebot, where it delivers to in certain instances, the tagging/delivery system and which disposal it will spit out to in certain instances (even though it’s almost never used - thanks Helianthus for your advice on the system). I don’t want to make this too long by just listing more and more - I will always try to keep learning more whether I get accepted or not in any case.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp? That’s it’s so fun and most of the community is great! I’ve made friends from months ago and I’m still in contact with them today. If you encounter someone who is friendly ingame and who ends up stopping what they’re doing to RP with you or work together on something - it can be the most fun you’ve ever had in a game. On the flip side, I’ve noticed people frequently say things when there’s no staff in adminwho like “no mods, go crazy!” etc. And whether or not they are joking, some people do seem to take it as an opportunity to break rules. It bugs me - I would not have applied if not for this and Joyce’s call for applications a few days ago. I’m online during many of the nobody-in-adminwho hours and would be happy to be a name on that list eventually. If you’re a non-mod reading this and you feel the same way, I would encourage you to apply for mentor/mod as well. The worst that can happen is a couple minutes of your time is gone writing up a post like this. It doesn’t matter if you get rejected - I’m expecting this to get rejected but figured I would try as there’s always a slim chance. There’s lots of super-experienced and super-friendly people here who aren’t staff. They need you. You’re probably a better candidate than I.

Thanks for reading :+1:

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Decent borgo under my (Bitch SuperMagnet) command that gets the job done any day of the week, +1

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Your conduct on the Discord has been stellar, and I can’t find any admin remarks on your account, so your ability to play by the rules must be as well. Folks who know how the SM/ atmos works are always in high demand, and I always love when we have mentors who can answer questions about it since I’m completely useless at both.


This app has been accepted. Welcome aboard!

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