Bampots Mod App

Byond username:Bampotio
Discord name:Bampot
Join date: 2019-07-15
Hours you’ve been on the server:317
When are you online or available to get on: If its a quick issue then basically all the time, but in terms of playing like 5pm onwards bst most months, and all the time like over the holidays
Role that you are on discord. (mentor, or contrib):mentor
Do you have prior experience being a moderator:no, ive messed around with the mod powers on a local game tho
What is something you feel you do well: I think im pretty good at explaining stuff and im calm basically all the time, i also think ive got a pretty good understanding of the rules. I’m pretty good at coding but my DM is very very very Ctrl-V heavy And ive been a good boi for like 2months now and im pretty sure the only grief report ive ever had was koloth osek and someone who misunderstood what had happened
What is something you wish to change: Honestly id like more mods on during eurotimes, and im eurotime so i guess im helping, id also like to make security great again. I also see people complaining about there not being mods on or there only being 1 mod to like 120 players so i guess id like to help with that too.

Minor note tho im gonna be alot less active apart from weekends now because ive got alot of real life shit that needs done, il still probably play like 2-3 times a week minimum tho, oh and if this makes no sense becuase grammer and spelling or whatever just ping me, despite english being my first langauge i have like 0 competancy with it

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I am just a pleb and can’t recall him in-game, but he is cool on Discord <3

Application accepted. Welcome to the mod team.