Ban apeal for "hate speach"

Byond Account: josef_nape
Character Name(s): joseph nape 
Discord NameVestilad#0201
Round ID of Ban: 121613
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: LMAO I LITERALY SAID "im gonna say the n word!" "NIGG-LECTED CHILDREN!" AND GOT PERMA BANNED

I dont have anything to say, I only wrote this sentence because I cant send an empty reply

yea the pont is im not actually saying the n word. its a joke

Jokes about using the n word by straight up using the n word with a 1 letter change. :brain:

its not a 1 letter change. its very much a difrent word. i dont see how getting banned for saying niglected make sense beucase the word niglect has nig in it.

It doesnt have 2 g’s in it, and it’s pretty obvious what the “pun” was.

its still a joke. thats not hate speech at all. if i wanted to spread hate speach i would have run around screaming “I HATE N***RS” instead of making a simple joke

Using slurs isnt a joke lol

The hole point of the joke. IS TO NOT USE THE SLUR

but you did

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no i did not say the ful slur. nig is not a racial slur. the joke is literally. “haha i say funny n word” “niglected children hahahaha”

so you admit you did say it

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i said nig. thats not a racial slur. i admit to saying the word nigglected children BUT THATS THE POINT OF THE JOKE. IS IM NOT REALLY SAYING. N****R

Just because it doesnt have the -a or -er at the end, doesnt change the word. I can write the whole word and replace an i with a 1, it’s still me using it.

so the word niglected a nig is = to the word n****r

so from now on ban people for saying any word that start with ni. nice

so you ban ENTIRE words i cant say niglected or nice anymore?