Ban apeal / Patatas36

Byond Account:Patatas36
Character Name(s):Santiago roberts
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):patatas#7114
Round ID of Ban:19086

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Banned from Roles: command, Captain, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director, Head of Security permanently - Command 1.1- Command must be competent As captain, power gamed as hard as you could then then authorized the virologist to release a bad virus as “a cure to end racism” without checking it. Appeal this once you have a better understanding of command roles and RP standards. Round 19086

State your appeal:so im captain and the round has gone quite well up to this point. A virologist comes to me and asks to create a “virus to end racism” after much hesitation i aprove of its making in command coms i guess viro had command coms otherwise it was someone else who was command and relayed the meseage i am not sure. Im never told when the virus is released but when i learn about it its too late after much of the crew is infected. I get an admin dm from horatio “did u approve the virus” i say i did he then perma bans me from command with the reason “command heads need to be competent” and “i powergammed all round” i then complain and loose internet for a while so i dont know if he responded. When i come back i put the complaint again cause i dunno what he answered. he gives me the exact meseage of my ban report and then like a child precedes to instantly close every ticket i open without letting us have an actual conversation and threatens to ban me if i open again. I schould also mention the “POWERGAMING” was me going into science once to get genetics and never again wich was aperantly twisted into “You went into sci to take everything u could”


My ban message also failed to mention you asking chemistry to make industrial quantities of bath salts (again, as the captain for some reason), which should be taken into consideration when this ban gets reviewed.


yes ig i got a bit tilted after your childish behavior of closing every ticket without actually having a conversation and threatening to ban me if i open another sorry about that

Do u not understand a joke when u see one? the drugs never got made and the industrial isnt ment to be taken seriously

so as a head u can never rp as an adict? weird ive seen it quite a few times

You’re excessively toxic to staff in every area I’ve seen in regards to this. On those grounds, I’m closing this appeal and will be placing a watchlist on your key. I recommend you start treating people a bit better unless you want to end up with a perma. Denied.