Ban apeal vestilad

  • Byond Account: josef_nape
  • Character Name(s): joseph nape
  • Discord NameVestilad#0201
  • Round ID of Ban: 12459
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
    Screenshot - fd2f8fe1b5b01dfc66ae97018fb3d1c2 - Gyazo
  • State your appeal: i shot the hop widnows 3 times after he took away all my access during war ops. despite hos saying just do it. i dont know how this is self antag and even if for some reason i get banned for this it would be for 1 week. im jsut trying to enjoy the fucking game but the hop was being a shitter and took my access for telling him hes doing it wrong

The captain (or acting captain HoS) is who determines access, not the HoS. Shooting the HoP out of anger is self-antagging. This ban was placed correctly, so your appeal is denied. Please review our escalation policy before your ban expires to avoid being re-banned.