Ban appeal 12596

Byond Account:DevinXoptoh
Character Name(s): Chip Shafer
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Devin#1159
Round ID of Ban: 12596
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):![image|680x123](upload://4kw1YIfopgbowjWdTe1wnPbfRIL.png) 
State your appeal:

After attempting to appeal an antag ban of three days, I have now been banned from the server for a month for lying in said appeal.
First of all I would like to apologise for lying in the antag appeal as it is immature and all in all a dumb thing to do.

Secondly (and this isn’t arguing with anyone on the staff team who reads this it’s a question) Is lying in a ban appeal a ban reason? I’ve read through the rules and struggling to find anything along the lines of this. If I am wrong please correct me.

Thirdly, I’d happily take a month long antag ban over a full ban from fulp as currently being out of work/university, I quite literally have nothing else to do to pass the time currently and playing on fulp helps me pass a day easily without doing much.

Found it in seconds

Ah, guess it applies to appeals aswell then. Guess that should be more clear instead of just ahelps

Are you seriously arguing that lying in an appeal shouldn’t be punishable? Dude.

Also, role bans are applied when the infraction is related to a particular role (e.g. a sec officer executing someone without authorization would be a security ban, not a server ban). Lying to admins is not related to a specific role, hence the server ban.

Wasn’t arguing and even said in the former. I misread the rules if so.

… You misread the rule and interpreted them to say that it was OK to lie in ban appeals as long as you didn’t do it in the ahelp (which you did, by the way. You said he “probably” saw your cult activity when he was dead in the engine room, which was nowhere near the base in maints).

When I came across the dead engineer, they were near decom in engineering, I wasn’t aware he had died to the supermatter. However that ruling is not related to this post and I just misread the rule that mentions lying in ahelps and interpreted it incorrectly thinking it didn’t apply to appeals. My bad

Why in the world would lying in ahelps be not okay but lying in ban appeals be acceptable?

I’m now aware that it is unacceptable hence the apology in the appeal above. My bad for misreading the rules as they do not state clearly that appeals are considered ahelps

This is probably the lamest, most braindead excuse I’ve ever heard. “I didn’t know it was wrong to lie in ban appeals”. Seriously, dude. This is kinda pathetic.

Do you need a full list of places it’s not okay to lie?

Anyway, locking this until Buzz or Slig can handle it.

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Looking into this ban there is nothing wrong with it follows ban progression and shows clearly what rule you violated here is your last bans

Next time if you want to appeal a ban don’t even bother trying to lie you went from 3 days antag ban to a server ban. the jump was big from 3 days to a month because job bans are only given to people when the problem directly correlates to the job but lying in a ban appeal isn’t linked to any job at all its just a general server rule so youre ban is going off your last time you were server banned on 1/15