Ban Appeal: 3 N2O junkie

Byond Account: Davelock
Character Name(s): Veekas-Miun 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Caveman2572
Round ID of Ban:27545

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: yes i flooded a secluded and low traffic room in atmos to sleep myself, not the entire thing mind you. i let a little bit out on accident. i responded to the second ahelp once i realized i was pinged and recieved a statement in response " you have done it two times now " im sorry for not responding " yes, i know " of course i wasn’t taking this situation seriously. It wasn’t a serious situation. I was simply doing something stupid at virtually no cost to others solely because it made me laugh. do chemist get pinged and banned whenever they blow themselves up with meth? wanna know why i wasn’t responding to their liking? because there was nothing need said. I can’t even explain to myself why i did it, and seriously wonder what sort of response was being searched for in the first place. I’m sorry to come off as angry and or aggressive. but if the issue here is lack of communication, well then im here to suggest that maybe admins can be a little more efficient at communicating. stop leading the case with a question, especially in response to a situation which there is no good answer too. a simple " stop what you’re doing " would suffice, no need for interrogation. the ability to explain oneself is completely separate to intention, and shouldn’t be used as a means for judgement. " I’m stupid and i do stupid things because i think they’re funny " is that enough closure?

The issue is not a lack of communication on the mod’s side, but a lack of communication from you. Regardless, this is only a 3 day ban and it is placed correctly so this appeal is denied.

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