Ban Appeal #35317

Byond Account: Nohshy
Character Name: Cardi Belvins
Discord Name: Nohshart#0681
Round ID of Ban: 23622

Ban Message:

State your appeal: I’d like my ban time to be reduced or removed. I honestly thought Flupstation was more of an anarchy server because I’ve seen a bunch of cases of people doing the same kinda stuff I did, also I’m new to SS13 so I didn’t notice the ticket when you tried to talk to me. Honestly, my bad, I knew nobody was actually going to get hurt badly with their suits on, was just messing around mostly before I got off SS13 for the day.

Understand if you don’t want me back but I won’t be doing shit like that again if you do.

I’m reducing this to a 3 day as the perma was placed due to you ignoring the admin message; however, this is not your first time being contacted by staff, and with almost no time on the server, do not expect to be given the benefit of the doubt a second time.