Ban Appeal #39797 (Data Lazinyo)

Byond Account:DataL
Character Name(s):Data Lazinyo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): data_31755
Round ID of Ban:BanID #39797

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: Yes, I am aware of what I did. However, I did not sabotage anyone in any way. The reason for my actions is to see it as a different way of performing my duty and to enable people who cannot play AI to play AI. Yes, I am aware of the wrongness of my actions, and even if I were not aware, I know that it is a prohibited act. However, I consider a permanent ban as an injustice done to me.

If possible, I am in favor of changing my penalty.

(not very important things)Probably will likely be rejected. It was definitely one of the enjoyable events… It was pleasant! I would like to jot down the names of the people I have enjoyed meeting so far here. Delta, Robotic who doesn’t know the robotic job, Jessica Lazarus, and who became a positronic brain.

I think reddit has already chosen your fate about how the community feels

My fave part is


You make a post on reddit about how you don’t like the admins here and how we wont forgive you before we even get the time to look at your appeal. Normally people save that for after. I think this is a great moment, you actively grief the community. It’s not even that admins are mean and won’t let you have fun. It’s that they stop you from ruining other peoples fun it’s not like everyone you see is an NPC and you can just fuck with them. You fucked around and found out youre not getting unbanned here