Ban appeal about something that probably should've been regarded as an IC issue

Byond Account:ApexK9
Character Name(s):Uriel Harrow/Society Man (in the aforementioned round)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):TunjaSB#1812
Round ID of Ban:17541

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):image

State your appeal:Was let into science and xenobio as a clown by a borg because I wanted to get some red extract for a funny gimmick I had in mind, the only sci doing xenobio had no problem with it but of course the RD had to come in;I was on the slime console when I saw the RD batoning the other clown that was with me, not knowing what the fuck was happening I went to drag the other clown away but of course the RD went and batoned me aswell. Apparently he DID tell us both to leave before that, but seeing as I was on the slime console looking at the leftmost pens, I couldn’t really see/hear what was happening. Anyways, he dragged the other clown out of xenobio and into RnD while I was still stamcritted, I went to follow them and while he was batoning the other clown I stole his baton, now consider this: I could’ve beat the shit out of him WITH said baton but seeing as I wasn’t really sure if he was antag or not, I just started running around RnD before going to xenobio, and then high-tailing it for the kitchen to fry his baton just to spite him, the RD tried to get his baton back by attacking us BEFORE asking for it back I’m pretty sure, he was about to tableslam the other clown and I stunned him with the baton exactly ONCE before proceeding to the kitchen and frying his baton. Went back to sci, mostly to taunt him, the AI informed us that we were wanted before the Captain came, asked what happened and I told him I fried the RD’s baton for being an ass, he thought it was funny, pretty much pardoned us and removed our wanted levels. After which I was contacted by ahem, Centcomm.

Was this not something that could’ve been handled IC? I could be wrong.

P.S.:I didn’t say that I should be able to break the rules cause everybody else does, I only said that sci tiding happens all the time and nobody gives a shit as I know from my experience in Sci.He wasn’t mad about me tiding, lol.

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The command in charge of a department has the final authority on who is or isn’t allowed in, not whatever xenobiologist happened to be working that subdept. The dept head is allowed to crit and remove any unauthorized people in their department. Tiding into any dept as a non-antag is against the rules, and people are bwoinked/ banned for it frequently. Staying in the department against the wishes of the dept head so you could use slime extracts that give you an advantage (speed is a significant combat advantage, regardless of whatever you say your intent with it is) is the definition of powergaming, and slime extracts are an antag objective; the RD had every reason to not believe you and kick you out. The rule lawyering against the mod who contacted you was uncalled for. Clown gimmicks are fine and good, but they aren’t given any special consideration when it comes to server rules. This ban was placed correclty, so this appeal is denied.

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