Ban Appeal - AlanParkerMasters

Byond Account: AlanParkerMasters
Character Name(s): Xin Ming
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Bird#5415
Round ID of Ban: 13025
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Antag 1.1 As a traitor without hijack, handed a ling a bomb on the shuttle and told him to "go nuts". This is was overkill for either of your objectives. 
State your appeal: 

Despite how short this ban’s duration is, I believe that the ban was wrongfully applied.
I was a traitor that was trying to obtain the Cappy’s laser gun and stop the escape of an Atmos Technician. I had gotten the laser gun before the shuttle was called and was already being hunted by Security and Command staff. Throughout the entirety of the round, I did not kill or crit anyone.
I was unable to find and locate the Atmos Tech after quite some time and was searching for them on the station, and was primarily sticking near the Atmos department/engineering. I was ultimately unable to find the target, but someone did come up to me and randomly asked if I wanted to "cause destruction with them."
I did not know who this person was, I had not met them before, they only stated that they were an antag and I asked if they had hijack objectives. After they were being incredibly vague, they still requested if I wanted to use explosives on the station. They never stated they wanted to kill anyone, we were not on the shuttle, the shuttle had not arrived, and we were speaking inside of Atmospherics. I was working to look for the Atmos tech still and figured this person, who was infact an antag (although what kind I was unsure of) would follow the rules (along with do what was within the limits of their tasks) and assist me by causing a distraction while completing whatever goals they had. This distraction would allow for me to roam the halls of the station to search for the Atmos tech while Security responded to the Antag wanting to cause the destruction.
I decided in a couple of seconds, after they ensured they were an antag, that they would assist me by causing a distraction somewhere on the station, and in order to ensure they were successful with whatever their goals were, I provided them with the salvaged self-destruct payload of a Syndi listening station which was only usable with another explosive. I then, decided to leave and tell them “Go nuts” before teleporting away, moving to departures when the shuttle arrived minutes later.

I believe my actions fell within Antag rule 1.4:
“1.4. Do what is needed for your goals. Destroying half the station when you only need to steal research is an example of going extremely overboard. Causing chaos in a department with a bomb is okay but destroying half the station is not.

The end goal of what I was trying to accomplish in the brief interaction with this antag was to just cause chaos. I benefitted nothing from then harming random people as I did not even mention who my target was or what I was trying to specifically do. I was under the impression that this person, who I understood was following the rules of what their goals allowed them to do and was assumedly following all server rules like any other player, was going to achieve their antag goals while also benefitting me. I did not intend for them to harm anyone and was under the impression that this person wanted to just detonate a section of a department, while following the rules, and even if they did wish to do something harmful, it would be mutually beneficial for both a Syndicate member and another Syndicate member or whatever organization that the antag was a part of, which is supported by the Antag RP standards:
2). Although teamwork isn’t required for non-team antags, antags should act in the best interest of the organization they represent and avoid working against each other without sufficient IC reason.

I was unable to completely explain the situation to the banning admin as I was bwoinked when the shuttle had just arrived and was Antag banned moments later. The server restarted roughly a minute later and, after rejoining, I was told to direct anything to an appeal. I believe that the banning Admin was not aware that these circumstances had occurred as I have just said as evidenced by the banning reason, where the staff member is under the impression that I provided the payload as a means to detonate the shuttle in order to remove my target. No such thing had occurred, my target was not on the shuttle and I ultimately did not harm anyone during the round with the use of the explosives or by proxy. I had not seen the payload detonated during the round and I am unsure if it ever was.

I try to follow the rules to the best of my abilities and just want to be able to play as an antag. I have a considerable amount of staffing experience on a wide array of SS13 servers and I gain absolutely nothing by being a shitler, and don’t see a reason to make things a pain in the ass during rounds for staff to have to sort through.

Now I won’t lie, this was really, really dumb of you to assume. HOWEVER, after reviewing the say logs, the other player was clearly baiting you into doing something and even lied to the admin during their ticket. Since this was so close to the end of the round, it wasn’t able to be investigated properly.

I have removed your ban and instead banned the other person.