Ban Appeal and explanation for a ban happened in date 20-03-22 (THIS IS THE REAPPEAL)

Byond Account:Frost77264
Character Name(s):Alice Osbourn
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):DebDM
Round ID of Ban:19399

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I have waited for a month as asked and I still have some explenations to do from last time (because i am stupid): I do understand the reason of the ban sadly my bad wording made it sound like I was thinking metacomming wasn’t something worthy of a ban. I was still trying to explain how my message’s goal wasn’t to get an advantage but just warn a friend about my absence. Now that I explained that let’s go on with the appeal.

Knowing that you do not approve of any type of messages regarding the game sent to players active in the same round, I can assure that it won’t happen again as a person that deeply enjoys roleplaying I would never do any type of metagame willingly and I am actually sorry to have given the idea of me being a cheater or someone that doesn’t follow rules.

For the marriage gimmick I interpreted the rules in the wrong way, seeing that friendships were accepted I did think that the gimmick wasn’t a rulebreaking (I should have Ahelped it probably). Still I have heard that there was a poll running around on the topic of making it a specific rule to not have any type of marriage or love related rp but I do not know how the poll ended.
If the marriage gimmick is something that worries you I can stop it/limit it, but I want to assure that even before the ban I did never engage in any type of ERP or weird sexualisations since me and Zigguratvertigo are just friends and not in any relationship.

If the ban will be removed I hope that this little problem we ran into won’t scar me since I never wanted to cause any trouble but however this may go I wish everyone a great day.

PS: sorry for any type of linguistic errors, I hope the message is still understandable

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Accepted. I have reduced the duration of your ban to 1 month, meaning it is now expired. Breaking these rules again will result in another permaban.