Ban Appeal and explanation for a ban happened in date 20-03-22

Byond Account:Frost77264
Character Name(s):Alice Osbourn
Discord Name: Frost77264
Round ID of Ban:19399

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (Frost77264) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Core 2- metagaming Obvious metagaming/comming with their IC “spouse” ZigguratVertigo when their spouse was an antag. Somehow got out of prision and vassalized by their IC spouse despite having no IC reason for this to happen. Round 19399 This ban (BanID #27649) was applied by Horatio22 on 2022-03-20 15:57:29 during round ID 19399. This is a permanent ban.

State your appeal: Hey I hope I ain’t being an annoyance, I decided to appeal so early because I didn’t have time to explain the full picture of what was happening during the moment of the ban.
I believe the main reason for this ban was a misunderstanding and an (understandable) assumption of me metagaming/comming with ziggurat.
I can even attach the discord messages Ziggurat and I sent to each others during the moment of the ban to show how we weren’t actually doing said thing (I did get his permission to do so).
I had no idea about Ziggurat being an antag, and if you are wondering how i actually were able to contact him IC, I had found a PDA in one of perma’s cells, said PDA was used for all the comunicating before we actually met.
The reason to escape from perma is also stated inside the PDA’s messages, that being of me and the other perma being completely ignored and left alone while also suffering from power problems (the power part isn’t actually specified in the pda but it did happen).
I do not blame the admin for assuming the metagame since me and Ziggurat running the spouse gimmick can be pretty misleading.
If this appeal will be denied I won’t make a fuss about it, but i will be pretty happy to have been able to explain myself.
Here I am gonna attach the messages me and Ziggurat sent to each other for further proof, the only message we sent through discord was that i didn’t roll bartender with them, but still he did notice IC when I used the pda with him.

You realize using Discord to tell someone where you are is the definition of metacomming, right?


i am aware of it, but i also believe there’s a difference from telling someone OOC and then notifing in IC.
I also gotta specify that the message happened before the actual roundstart (it happened in the loading screen when you get told your role expectations), I don’t see how letting someone know how I suddently dissapeared (in a situation as this one) would actually harm the course of the shift, the rescue from perma happened because I told him through a PDA not because I sent a message on discord.
The message was merely to let him know I wasn’t having issues connecting of any sorts, because it sometimes happen and I feel bad in just not telling anything.
In short, that can be considered metacomm but it wasn’t meant to harm nor get an advantage on others, it was just to let someone know i didn’t willingly left them without saying a thing

Sharing game information in an outside way that benefits you (or another player) is metacom. Clearly, you were benefited by giving this information to your IC spouse. If there really was a way to communicate IC, it makes no sense for you to send the message on discord about it. I don’t really understand why this makes no sense to you but I don’t have any desire to undo or decrease this ban if you don’t get this. You can make another appeal in one month IF you understand what is wrong about what you did. Denied.

Sorry for posting on a locked thread, but I would like to point out something that I neglected to include in my ban message which is that this is, moreso than metacomming, this was a violation of core rule 10:

10: Each round exists independently of all other rounds. While friendships persisting through rounds is okay, using experiences from other rounds to give an advantage or disadvantage to other players is not permitted.

PDAing your IC spouse and having them break you out of prison (which would make no sense without that ongoing “relationship”) is obviously an unfair advantage. In no other circumstances would anything that happened (you PDAing a bartender and said bartender breaking you out of jail and then willingly getting converted) make any sense.

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