Ban Appeal / Anythingisme

Byond Account: Anythingisme
Character Name(s): Martin V. Serrano
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Everythingisme
Round ID of Ban:19177
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I had gotten myself beer glasses and a vest, and was mostly just vibing along in med-bay, when the mime in question (or to me), was slicing the throat of a dead security officer, and I wasn’t cool with that since one of the head machos just said to take his shield out so that he could be converted, and that would take longer. I knew this guy was a rev, and I knew boron was a rev because of the fact he tried flashing me round start and the fact the mime was beating the one nice security officer. I couldn’t save him, but I wanted him revived. The mime specifically tried attacking me, and even as I was running away followed after me with a miner in tow after I did nothing to harm, expect a push. Fast forward to brig, and I saw the mime vibing with the two people who assaulted me (Boron, person who killed the HOS and threatened me telling me to get away when all I did was just walk around, and the mime in question.). I attacked them because of the self defense, in the understanding that he was coming after me once again.

Self-defense requires some immediate threat of harm. Them previously harming you isn’t grounds for that, and if they were team killing you as a rev, you should have ahelped that instead of attacking them later when they were just standing around. This is denied.