Ban Appeal - Arachned

  • Byond Account: Arachned
  • Character Name(s): Pablo Adams
  • Discord Name : 김민재 #2257
  • Round ID of Ban: 9814
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): You made a bomb and detonated it on the shuttle killing 7+ people. This is self antagging and you just got unbanned for doing the exact same thing.
  • State your appeal:Yes, i made a bomb as a chemist, but i must say it was not an intended behavior. i made a grenade and i put a health sensor toggled to ‘detect crit’ mode, and thinking that nobody will try to harm me unless it is a traitor so i went on without griefing or breaking rules of the server as a chemist, but when the shuttle came and i went inside, someone just knifed me with a survival knife and you can see i did not had time to intentionally detonate the grenade in front of security, i even did not hurt anybody in the shuttle and this happened, i even told the admin that the grenade was primed to a health sensor but he did not replied and send me this ban message, i think this ban was not an appropirate ban and should be removed

You shouldn’t have made a grenade to detonate on crit and I’m having a hard time believing that this was just an accident, as you have previous notes and have just come off a ban for using chem grenades on shuttle. Many people were spaced by this incident, hence the ban extension.

Excuse me but what do you mean “having a hard time believing it was an accident”, i mean, aren’t you an admin? you can distinguish between a intentional grenade priming and a crit grenade.
I cannot expect someone just knifing people around making me in critical situation.

Regardless of your intention, you’ve been banned twice before for making explosives and should know by now that very few scenarios exist for non-antags to be doing this. Making a bomb with the intention to blow up any traitors that would harm you is a violation of our core rule 2 on validhunting. The definition listed for valid hunting in the glossary section reads, “Valid Hunting: Searching for / preparing for / dealing with antagonists and criminals without a need or duty to do so”. Your actions are a clear example of “preparing for antagnonists”. The ban and the extension based on the amount of people removed were correctly applied.
Tl;dr: Appeal denied. Read the rules, and come back in 2 weeks.