Ban Appeal - ASadCommie 4

Byond Account:ASadCommie
Character Name:Martini Laquini
Discord Name:ASadCommie
Round ID of Ban:#14048
Ban Message: Screenshot (5)
Appeal:Alright so I will admit that I was somewhat in the wrong here. As a Head, I shouldn’t joke around about revolution or execution like I did. To explain the situation with the HoS and (I think) Ryder Perkins, I was supervising the rage cage after having it constructed (and the captain approved as well, just no killing) when he came over to me and pushed me around near it. After JUST saying that to enter the rage cage is to leave in only one way (implying that to enter is to fight to crit, this was said in response to someone who got pushed in and beat down) I took it as him trying to get me in there to get my ass beat by the robust champion.

I attempted to stun him, and after some time, I told the HoS and we managed to subdue him. At this point, I think I was right in everything I did, and this part is where I would consider myself in the wrong. I joked around about what he did being revolution, as one could technically consider attempting to push a Head into a Cage of Rage an attempt on their wellbeing, but also because hey, roleplay why not. So to my knowledge, this would mean he would be brought off to SEC and mindshielded. So, following that, my second mistake. The HoS said ‘execution’, which tbf I considered a joke on their behalf, as Revs aren’t executed unless they’re head revs, AND I can’t authorize executions as HoP so I jokingly replied ‘Indeed’, which looking back, I understand that I shouldn’t joke about that.

Now, before I go onto this next part, I want to state that I mean zero offense to the Admin who put the ban message, I just want to explain my situation. So, I did not spend the whole shift ‘calling people lings and revs’, unlike the ban message states. I called one guy a rev, and one guy a ling, however I can see the confusion.

Since I explained the rev part, I’m gonna go ahead and explain the Ling part. So, I spent the round doing my job as well as some roleplay stuff. Following a few drinks from the bar, the barman made me a Bacchus’ Blessing following my request. This drink was of such high quality (to my alcoholic character) that I saw it fit to give him a award from my office (that medal). I dragged him off to my office through the maint (between eva and my office) when someone (i forgot who) also came in there. I was naturally suspicious because, well, why would they follow me into maint there. So, I was trying to tell him to leave when I got the ‘You’re unable to talk!’ message like 4 times, so I thought ‘well shit, I was just near him, ling sting?’ and so I tried my hardest to yell Ling multiple times until it went through. He left though after explaining what he wanted was something from my line, and he went there. (Afterwards, I realized I was kinda stupid here. For some reason there wasn’t oxygen in a small part of the maint area there, and I realized the reason I couldn’t talk was the lack of O2. Therefore, I realized he wasn’t a ling afterwards, and I dropped it there, not telling anyone else or even continuing the Ling thing. An accidental mistake because of lack of oxygen.)

Finally, I have a few misc closing points, which aren’t worth really going into further, but I wanted to include them anyways.

  • I didn’t know it was a green shift, I didn’t check the communications console at the bridge for the report on potential threats, because I was busy with the bar, the rage cage, and supervising a few fights between consensual crew members.

  • Although I was in the wrong for joking around about the execution, the HoS should’ve realized that HoP can NOT authorize executions and should’ve reverted to standard procedure of mindshielding. Keep in mind, I am not trying to shift all blame from me, as I should not have joked around about execution.

  • Somewhat off topic, but I wanted to add in that after reading Discord, various people have stated that Ryder Perkins is a ‘red tiding lizard’ and ‘He breaks into places all the time and whenever he does it no one is surprised cuz he does it so often’, to quote two people (if you need proof, just look up the quotes, I took these directly as if from the discord chat)

In closing, after giving the rules another look through, giving it a day to stew and think about, I would like to ask for the ban to be shortened at the least, or at the most removed. Although I was in the wrong joking around, my intentions were, as I said, a joke. The purpose was to give two heads a laugh, and (unintentionally, had he not been executed) possibly give the lizard a roleplay incentive to be against me or command in general, (i once saw a p cool non-violent riot against the heads, that would be cool to have happen). The rest of the ban was over a misunderstanding (lack of O2 making me think Ling), and…Well, yeah I suppose that’s all I have to say.

edit:sorry for flag, I’m kinda stupid and deleted it and didn’t see the undelete button but I read that it wouldn’t delete if I flagged it so uh…yeah.

By any chance do you remember who it was that you took to the HoS and joked about executing? Trying to check the logs to see if he actually got executed

Ryder Perkins I believe. I don’t remember exactly but judging from what the admin who put the ban in said on discord, I believe this is the guy who I joked about.

After looking into it and discussing what happened with the banning admin, it looks like this ban was placed correctly; these sorts of jokes end people’s rounds, and encouraging folks to do unlawful executions is banbaiting.
Appeal denied; please be more mindful of your interactions with other players when you’re off your break.