Ban Appeal - ASadCommie 5

byond name:ASadCommie
charcter names:Martini Laquini
round id:Round 11262
ban message: Screenshot (40)
appeal: For some context, I ran into this guy who was a Plant. We went down near the gateway and saw it was open, and I explained what it was to him. He wanted to return to his homeworld, and I decided to help him. A few others joined us, and our new goal was to open the gateway to return plant home. We tried a few things, including ritual sacrifice and runes (of a already dead soulless corpse), asking the captain to message centcom a few times, and making statements on comms. Nothing was working and after about, like half an hour or so of trying, we decided to send a message to centcom ourselves, since we weren’t sure if the captain did or not. So, we went to the bridge and were let in by a borg going by. I borrowed the HoS’s PDA to try to send a message, but it turns out you can’t send messages to centcom with it. Captain came in and knocked Plant down and stole his plant form behind his glass. I used the pda to drag the plant out of the area to the gateway, and then gave the PDA back to SEC and it was returned to the HoS. Then I was brought to the Brig to be searched and what not, and released. Then I got a MONTH ban applied.

So, I didn’t grief or affect the HoS in anyway. He got his ID and PDA back moments after, and I didn’t use it to greytide into any areas, instead only to attempt to send a message to Centcom, and to leave the bridge. As for the ‘rioting’, I don’t understand that part at all. I didn’t harm anybody, nor did I fight anybody. I did however make a joke on comms about going to shoot Plant, in which he, right next to me, jokingly replied to it. It was obviously a joke, and it was in an attempt to, once again, get the gateway opened for him. Nobody seemed to care, and nobody was harmed. Once again, no rioting.

So, I would like the ban removed. I did not affect any players negatively nor the round. I was doing a gimmick along with a six or so other players. No reason to be banned over something so harmless.

Rushing the gateway is something that’s explicitly mentioned under powergaming, and SSD 1.1 is pretty clear about not stealing things from SSD players. There aren’t any exceptions for “if you think your gimmick is fun” in the rules.

You broke the rules, and whether or not you feel the round was negatively affected isn’t really relevant. Ahelp if you want to do something for a gimmick that breaks the rules. Appeal denied.