Ban Appeal - ASadCommie

  • Byond Account:ASadCommie
  • Character Name(s):Martini Laquini
  • Discord Name:ASadCommie
  • Round ID of Ban:10376
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Hate Speech is strictly forbidden. After having previous knowledge and receiving a ban prior to this, you have still not learned your lesson. Take another couple days off and reflect on this behavior.
  • State your appeal:I literally said one word, one. word. Got a warning and then was banned. I’m just curious how saying something once in a chat the person can’t even see when you get a lil angry can result in a ban, especially when you didn’t continue and stopped after receiving the warning. regardless, i don’t plan on doing it again as it was something that happened in the moment following my death

Not only am I not appealing this, but I’m putting a note on your account instructing mods to continue ban progression if this happens again. Your notes (which are visible to you in the OOC tab under admin remarks) show you being warned multiple times for this, and you have a previous ban for the exact thing.

4). Hate speech is strictly forbidden. Using the Discord, the SS13 server, or the forums to threaten a group of people or to propagate racial and otherwise prejudiced slurs or stereotypes is a bannable offense. We take this seriously and want to create a server that is welcoming to all people. This includes variations or misspellings of slurs. SS13 is your character’s workplace; if you would get fired for saying it in a modern-day office setting, you shouldn’t be saying it on the server.

What part of this is a hard concept?