Ban Appeal - ATP Engineer

Byond Account: ATP Engineer
Character Name(s): Unsure.
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): ATP Engineer#0890
Round ID of Ban: 12223

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: Being completely real I probably absolutely did attack some randoms over a petty reason at the time because I was fresh off the boat for playing SS13 during 2021, and I would absolutely have done it again in the same circumstance and amount of playtime. (if only I knew how to make potassium grenades)

HOWEVER its been roughly what, three years ish? I don’t go blowing stuff up or beating people over the head with a metal stool on SS13 unless they REALLY ASK for it, or I roll an antag. Instead I sometimes sprite stuff. I don’t recall willingly leaving during any admin tickets ever either, as much of a blur my first rounds on SS13 servers were.

I tried to come up with some original one-liners but it seems to have been worn out already after looking at some of the other appeals.

It’s been a long time so i’ll appeal this but please read the rules and you can ask questions if you need to on the discord.