Ban appeal: AyoSnail

Byond Account:AyoSnail
Character Name(s):Snails Mcgoo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban:16808

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Imgur: The magic of the Internet
State your appeal: Hello! I wanted to take the time to come onto the forums and appeal a well deserved ban at the time, the bulk of what the ban rea lly consisted of was a badly played round where i may of been on too much of a substance and as a result of just general lateness and sleep deprivity
i had hopped off. I wasnt doing much good for the round anyways with the ordering slimes to attack which i didn’t necessarily mean in ill will moreso that it sounded really comedic.
The spreading of plasma fires and other unfun things was just me being tired and generally unthinking but that still doesnt excuse the grief it causes and just how kill an experience so i do apologise
The golden slime spawning mobs in the other places however was accidental the first time! i thought it was an electrical deal and didnt realise but the second time was definetly a laugh at the stations expense and again im sorry. To complete the giant blob of run on sentences it was genuinely a pleasure to play on the server and i’d definetly be happy with another shot

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That was a bit of a mess of a statement too but the timing with the disconnect wasn’t meant to be dickish! i was just like well the funs over and it’s almost 3am so i guess that’d be it

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That is quite a bit of grief, and being intoxicated doesn’t really excuse it. You only have 10 hours on the server, so it’s a little hard to trust that this was a one off thing. Denied for now, but feel free to submit another appeal in a month.