Ban Appeal - Bagingi

Byond Account:TheForestSpirit
Character Name(s): Bagingi Boremos
Discord Name (ie: TheForestSpirit#1945):
Round ID of Ban: ??

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Did not see the message due to circumstances.
State your appeal:
I was banned from command positions for leaving during a game as captain.
Circumstances apply here.

  1. I did NOT hit ready up between rounds. I finished what I believed was my LAST round because I had to go to work in a half hour. I was told that I was REPEATEDLY WARNED Not to leave. This did NOT happen once, or at least I didnt see it because I left for work.
  2. I was not irresponsible with abandoning my post, I turned over the Nuke disk and other important items to the chief of security on the station for protection.
  3. I only discovered I was banned when I came home from work to login and turn off captain as an option.
  4. I have played DOZENS of rounds as command staff mostly as CMO and have not caused ANY issues I have executed my duties faithfully.

This is all caused because of Lag at the loading menu not registering that I was NOT ready to join the next round. It loaded in I had to go to work and I did everything I could to remedy the situation amicably without ruining the round.

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You have 2 other notes within the last 50 hours you’ve played about leaving without ahelping first.

The rule is that you need to ahelp so we can offer up your role. Captain is a valid target for almost all antags, and having one sitting SSD in their office negatively impacts then round. When you ahelp, we can allow a ghost to take over. All command get flavor text explicitly saying this when they join the round, so there’s no excuse for not knowing. You clearly had enough time to turn over the nuke disk, so really have no excuse for not submitting a quick ahelp about leaving.

Yeah, we can’t exactly tell you we’re banning you for leaving after you’ve already left, now can we?

This isn’t about role competency; it’s about leaving the round prematurely without alerting staff.

This appeal makes it clear that you don’t really understand the rules regarding playing (and leaving) as command, so this is denied. You can appeal again in a month.