Ban appeal (ban reduction)

Byond Account: Barophobic Spaceman
Character Name(s): Chad Prescott
Discord Name: captainfridge
Round ID of Ban: 29884

Ban Message:
“Core 2 - greytiding. as non-antag botanist, hacked into several restricted areas including bridge. Disconnected before could be talked to about it.”

State your appeal:
I would like to start off by saying I was grey tiding as a non-antag botanist who hacked into a few places, I am sorry for that I am an old time veteran of SS13 coming back into the game (I lost my old account from years ago) and I thought low population hours meant it was okay to “grey tide” a little, I hacked more doors than I should of but at first I was just relearning how to hack, this was a silly assumption and I should not have hacked into bridge. What I’m here to appeal is the last part of the report which I’m not sure if it adds time to my ban but it doesn’t look good on a fresh account “Disconnected before could be talked to about it.” first of all I played on this round for about an hour if I remember correctly and in that time I was hacking doors and “grey tiding” never once did any admins message me and as far as I could tell there were no admins, I did not leave to avoid some sort of punishment. I read the rules I should have known what I was doing was unacceptable but it was low population and I thought that meant it was okay for some reason. Even if I don’t get unbanned I would like to ask the ban message gets changed as to not suggest I left to avoid questioning.

Do you know what the name of that account is?

Yeah, I believe it was call “Jason God of Death” you can check it I’m not a ban evader

Okay, I’m accepting this appeal, but please make sure you aren’t greytiding in the future. You should be able to connect next round.