Ban appeal- banned from AI

byond name:lordcommisar_scythe
charcter names:ivan the cold, comrade ivan, hal 9000,communist reeducation bot
round id:Round 11193
ban message:Banned from Roles: AI, Cyborg, pAI for 3 days - Command/security/silicon 1.1). As AI, you were supposed to protect the innocent, but instead insisted that the CE was a contractor which got him lynched. The CE was not an antag and was a latejoin. This isn’t competent gameplay. Please take command and silicon roles seriously.
appeal:1. I never play sec or command anyone because mind bending problems,aneurysms,and stress, 2.I don’t remember doing that and if did it was a blur. 3. if CE was a antag he did look suspicious to me and my borgs and lynched i was looking at something else and was not listening to coms so did not witness it. 4.I just banned out of no where and was like why didn’t get a warning nor did I have a talking to most of my other remarks are of me leaving or of me just doing stupid stuff. 5. I did not remember him being a late join and if I did I would have stopped immediately. 6. I in the past few months of lonelyness I have thought and tried to be competant I multitask doing stuff with AI i have been a competant AI player in the last few days so this makes no since

You didn’t get a warning or a talking to because this ban was in response to a grief patrol.

Looking at the logs, it does look like the execution was (incorrectly) approved by the captain. That being said, after combing through your chat logs, your toxicity that round was way out of line and definitely fail RP for the AI, so I’m leaving the ban as-is based on your recent note history of similar fail rp remarks.

Appeal denied.