Ban appeal - Boboskhan

  • Byond Account: Boboskhan
  • Character Name(s): Negrundayo Smokey
  • Round ID of Ban: 10131
    Reason of ban:
    You have been banned by Sliggist from the server.
    Reason: Round 10131 Reason grief and admin interaction rude in ahelps and as a detective on a rev round crit an officer took all their things with there friend then threw the body in the trash after looting everything but their gloves
    This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 1 week. The round ID is 10131

State your appeal: This is all just wrong from start to bottom.
-First of all, I did not crit the officer nor did I attack him in any way. The officer was already critted by revolutionaries and then died. I brought him to medbay and revived him myself as there were no doctors around. After I revived him i brought him back to my office for some roleplay questioning, HE WAS NOT CUFFED/RESTRAINED AND WAS ABLE TO LEAVE ANYTIME HE WANTED. He decided to be an asshole and insulted me even after I revived him so I threw him in disposals. I didn’t lay a hand on him nor harmed him, he was all alive and well during all of this. My partner was the one that stripped him down and looted him, not me. I believe a simple reviewing of the logs can back this story. As for the ‘rude in ahelps’ part, I did tell the admin to review the logs before wasting my time and I now realize maybe that was a bit irrational and I do appologize for that

Appeal denied. You were entirely complicit with your friend stunning and stripping them, then shoved them into the trash. Someone “being an asshole” does not mean you can steal all of their items and trash them. This is all self antag. You were rude in ahelps beyond what you described in this appeal as well. However, you were correct in the fact that neither of you critted him. The note will be amended to fix this error but the ban will stay in place.