Ban Appeal Brightsyde

Byond Account: Brightsyde
Character Name(s): Alice Baker
Discord Name: CRASH AND THE GRRRLS#1054
Round ID of Ban: 20486

Ban Message
State your appeal: Ok so I fucked up. I said the F slur, and Cracker a couple of times. for context, I was frustrated about being immediately getting jumped by security as soon as the game started. Even with that context, it’s no excuse.

As a Trans woman myself, I know the hurt that word can give to some people. I’m really sorry about this, and if I could be unbanned I promise not to use that type of language on this server. I don’t remember talking about cum, i think I mentioned in OOC chat the Podcast cumtown. either way, I promise to be better and not use that type of language in fulpstation, as well as my own life.
thanks for looking at my appeals
Brightsyde (she/her)

Awesome, glad you acknowledge what you did was wrong; however, this ban was placed correctly, so it won’t’ be considered before 6 months since the day of the ban. You can put in an appeal then.