Ban Appeal Brumaster

Byond Account: Brumaster
Character Name(s): Bob Turgidson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban: 19087

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Banned from Roles: Appearance permanently - Core 3 After being told to change your name from Hardnob, changed it to Turgidson like we wouldn’t know what that meant. Round 19087
State your appeal: I had the name Bob Hardknob since about 2019. I was asked to change it, which I did so begrudgingly. To keep with the theme, I named myself Turgidson after Gen. ‘Buck’ Turgidson
of Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation Dr. Strangelove. While phallic, I felt it was tasteful and had a theme of the playful nihilism that SS13 is all about. Come to find out, I have been banned for my creativity. I feel it was an unjust reaction. If I were asked to completely change the name, I would’ve.

For context, “turgid” is another word for “erection” and the character he’s referring to is pretty much just horny the entire film. Also, naming yourself after a Dr. Strangelove character is a bit tasteless considering the recent geopolitical events.

Creating Dr. Strangelove during the Cold War could have been considered tasteless too. I’m pretty sure I just played Nuke Ops last round in SS13. Nuclear war is a part of the zeitgeist.
Also, Turgidson has less to do with being “horny” than he does with a critique of masculinity and warmongering. That was my intention when invoking the name.
Listen, I’ve been playing for hundreds of hours on SS13 trying to do my job. If you want me to change my name from anything to do with male anatomy or war, I’ll do it. Banning me from making characters for having silly names seems a bit authoritarian. I respect that you’re a volunteer, but please let me have fun. I don’t come to cause trouble.

What name are you planning on using for your character?

Bob Isnbanned

It’s pretty clear you knew you were breaking the same rules, but thought you could get away with doing it again.
And that you are not taking the good will chance you were given seriously.