Ban Appeal: BryceF

Big Booty Hoe, Big Angus, another character I can’t see or remember the name of.
Knight King#1300

First of all, we were never banned or punished for Metacomming, so saying “again” makes it seem like we previously got in trouble, however we were warned about Metacomming when I said I was in a call with my friend, this was before I had known it was bannable, and we got off with a simple warning, however in this case we were not in a call, and we were communicating in the chat plenty, right before we were banned My friend, a random mime, and I were talking about breaking into the HoP’s office, (the mime obviously wasn’t talking, more of gestures and agreeing) which we only did because we thought there was a dead person in HoP’s office. It would be fair to ban us for breaking into the HoP office, but Metacomming would be completely wrong, unless me asking my friend to join the game on discord is bannable.

You were breaking into things with someone you have previously admitted to metacomming with. There’s no way for us to confirm that you weren’t, and going around and griefing with the same person doesn’t paint a very convincing picture.

Metacomming is permabannable the first offense (which I warned you was the case when I talked to you about it the first time). Instead, Helianthus opted to give you a third chance with a short ban, which was more than lenient.

Appeal denied, and please make sure it doesn’t happen again as the next one will be a perma ban.